Princess Wallington Community Parkland

Consultation has concluded

The City is moving into construction works for the Princess Wallington Community Parkland project. Work will begin in late 2019. This will include work to remediate contaminated land and the temporary removal of some Balga trees, which will be replanted back into the park at the end of the project.

The aim of the project is to create a new community hub at the Princess Wallington Reserve in Balga that will provide the community with accessible and free recreational options for all ages, attract a wide range of users, and encourage local and community events.

Previous consultation with the community revealed that residents would like the parkland to include accessible and flexible open grassed areas, kick‐about spaces intermingled with areas for sporting activities such as multi‐courts, skate parks, a BMX track, as well as walking trails, nature play areas and improved park amenities including BBQs, shelters, public toilets, seats, drink fountains and bins. The City has awarded the construction works to MG Group. Ecoscape Landscape Architects, who undertook the design and documentation will continue as the project Superintendents. Both companies are Western Australian-based.

The City is contributing $4 million to the project and Lotterywest has provided a $2.34 million grant for the project.

There is more information about the history of the project on the Infrastructure and facilities projects page.


The City is working with the Western Australian design team, led by Ecoscape Landscape Architects, on the documentation of the parkland. This team has experience with promoting social inclusion and community development in environmentally healthy and culturally respectful urban places.

The City is contributing $4 million to the project, and Lotterywest has also provided the City with a $2.34 million grant for the project.

More information about the history of the project is on the Infrastructure and facilities projects page.


What is included in the parkland project?

The parkland will include a variety of amenities such as:

  • Regional playground
  • Community event and market space
  • Nature playground
  • Dirt BMX and Mountain Bike Facility
  • Skate Facility
  • Multi-courts (soccer, basketball and netball)
  • Parkour and youth area (includes seating, in-ground trampolines and WIFI)
  • Walking trails
  • BBQ, sheltered picnic areas
  • Public toilets, seating
  • Open grassed areas
  • Formalised car parking
  • Parkland and picnic amenity
  • Public art.

When will construction commence?

Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2019.

The project is currently staged across four years with completion expected in 2024. 

In August 2017, Council approved the progression of Stage 1 and 2 of the Princess Wallington Community Parkland project. Stage 3 is pending Council approval subject to the City’s financial capacity and project scheduling.

Where is the parkland going to be located?

The parkland area is located to the east of LeisurePark Balga (from the back fence adjacent to the swimming pool) across the grassland to the Camberwell Park Bushland Reserve. 

What is parkour?

Parkour is a type of physical activity which involves moving between obstacles in the most efficient way by using abilities of the body such as running, jumping and climbing. It can also be called 'free running'.  Parkour and gymnastics type features were popular ideas raised by the community during the consultation period.

What are multi-courts?

The multi-courts offer one full sized court with basketball and soccer as the most popular sports with additional practise half-court for basketball and netball on the southern end.  Multi-courts are a new way of incorporating several different sporting options into one facility such as soccer, basketball and netball. They have become popular among local governments as they allow use by a larger cross section of the community.

The multi-courts are designed to provide free and casual use by the community and are not available to be booked for formal sporting teams to train or play matches. The City has installed multi-courts at Des Penman Reserve, Nollamara and Yuluma Park, Innaloo.

What type of Skate and BMX will be provided?

The skate facility focuses users on three stages of advancement opportunities. The beginner street section, central transition and hybrid zone and the kidney bowl which was the most popular item selected during the community consultation.

Additional elements in the skate facility include an elevated stage area which can be used for workshops, youth events and general spectators as well as seating and shade at key wait points such as the edge of the bowl.

The dirt BMX and mountain bike facility will look to provide BMX pump track and jumps as well as elements more suited to mountain bikes pending detailed design. The aim is to have a beginner section as well as along with a more advanced section of track for different user groups. Currently there is a lack of dirt facilities for BMX and mountain bikes within the Perth metropolitan area.

Why hasn't the kidney bowl been included in the skate park design?

The initial concept design included an enclosed bowl, however due to site conditions the bowl has been substituted with a long mini ramp.

Is there going to be a Wi-Fi Service?


Will the parkland be fenced?

Natural borders will be created with walking trails and wayfinding to assist orientation. The nature playground will be partly fenced to traffic areas and a natural border via rock formations and vegetation surrounding the area.

Will there be free parking?


How will construction affect the community?

The City does not anticipate the construction affecting the adjacent residents or wider community. The construction contractor will be obliged to adhere to local government laws regarding working hours, noise pollution and environmental pollution. Any complaints submitted regarding the construction will be reviewed and addressed in line with the City’s complaint process.

A traffic management plan will be in place throughout the construction period.

Will Stirling Leisure Centres - LeisurePark Balga remain open?

Yes, Stirling Leisure Centres - LeisurePark Balga will remain open throughout the duration of the project with no disruption to services anticipated. The LeisurePark Balga carpark will remain unaffected.

Will the Balga Friday Markets still operate at the reserve before, during and after construction?

Yes, it is intended for the Balga Friday Markets to continue operation throughout the duration of the project. The market location will be reviewed prior and during construction to ensure the location and accessibility are safe and appropriate. Any changes to the market locations will be communicated.

What will happen to the car parking during the project?

The Community Parkland Plan seeks to provide new centrally located car parking, which replaces the current temporary parking area, re-configuring the northern carpark adjacent to the sporting fields (addition of four bays) and re-activating the currently underutilised carpark (73 bays) off Camberwell Road, near the Stirling Community Centres - Balga.

Where will car bays be situated at the reserve?

The current overflow car park located at the back of LeisurePark Balga will be reengineered to provide an increased number in formal compliant car parking bays. The northern car park will be reengineered to increase bays and traffic flow.

What will happen to the trees at the reserve? Will they be retained?

A tree condition survey has been undertaken as part of the project. The overall aim is to create a net gain in the number of trees located in the parkland area. The aim is to maximise the retention of large shade trees and vegetation such as the grass trees, and to achieve an overall increase in the number of trees in the Reserve.

The more rigid facilities such as the skate facility and car parking will be located in spaces already cleared. The more fluid and flexible infrastructure such as the regional playground will take on the existing natural features and provide a more connected experience. To preserve the area’s namesake tree, the Balga (grass tree), where removal is required the City intends to transplant the affected Balga’s to other areas in the parkland.

How has the community been engaged and involved in the project?

The City undertook extensive community consultation in June 2015 to develop conceptual designs for the Princess Wallington Reserve Satellite Facility.

Consultation included eight workshops with local schools, community mail-out distributed to over 1,500 households, community survey, Facebook page, stall at the Balga Friday Markets, community group meetings and information stalls at local centres such as Mirrabooka Shopping Centre and Stirling Leisure Centres - Herb Graham Recreation Centre, Mirrabooka.

The community survey received 262 submissions with an overwhelming 94.6 per cent being from the suburb of Balga. The community provided overwhelming support for the facilities with 95.4 per cent of respondents supporting the project.

As part of the design development process the City undertook community consultation via workshops held with multicultural groups including RAP Group, CALD Group, Wadjuk and Aboriginal Elders. 

Balga Senior High School students have continued to participate in Skate Park and Dirt BMX park design consultation. In addition a Security Survey was distributed to the adjacent resident households in a letter drop. 

Staged Community Information Sessions have been scheduled and will be advertised to the community for attendance.

In addition, various methods are being used to distribute information regarding the project progress including mail-outs, community surveys, Facebook page, digiscreens, the City’s website, printed materials, Your Say Stirling feedback pages and community group meetings.

What security measures will be considered?

The City takes the safety and security of its local community very seriously and has looked at ways to ensure the Community Parkland provides a safe and welcoming environment. Some of these initiatives include CCTV, lighting, maximised sight lines and keeping pathways wide and open. The Parkland will be re-located in a more prominent location, maximising site lines from roads and adjacent buildings, activating the internal spaces, using CCTV, lighting options and security patrols.

Will the construction affect traffic routes or cause road closures?

A traffic management plan will be in effect throughout the duration of the project to minimise traffic disruptions and ensure safety to all road users and pedestrians.

No road closures are anticipated at this point. Should a road closure be required residents will be advised in advance and the traffic management plan will ensure a safe and effective detour will be organised.

Will there be commercial opportunities?

The City has included the provision of a hard stand with power outlets for potential carts / food stands. The City is investigating the potential of allowing food trucks on site. A final decision will be made following construction and communicated on the City’s website.


2013 - Skate and BMX Facility Strategy endorsed by Council

In September 2013, Council endorsed the City of Stirling's (City) Skate and BMX Facility Strategy which identified the need for a skate and BMX facility at Princess Wallington Reserve, Balga.

2015 - Conceptual design stage

The City undertook extensive community consultation in June 2015 to inform the conceptual design for the Princess Wallington Reserve Satellite Facility.

2017 - Approval to progress

In August 2017, Council approved the progression of Stage 1 and 2 of the Princess Wallington Community Parkland project. The total City contribution and Lotterywest grant funding combined is $6,380,181.

2018 - Detailed design stage

The City is progressing the design of the community parkland and continues to engage the community on its development. Engagement activities include information sessions, ongoing communication and a feedback form for the parkland, skate park and BMX designs.

2019 - Detailed design finalised

The detailed design for the Princess Wallington Community Parkland was finalised in early 2019. A community information session was held April 2019.

2019 - Documentation and Tender

MG Group awarded tender for works

Construction commences

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For more information, contact Project Officer, Krystal Hunter on (08) 9205 8555 or use the customer enquiry form