Churchlands Green Traffic Management

Council has agreed to initiate a trial in an effort to reduce traffic flow through the Churchlands Green estate. After many years of requests from residents in the area, the City will take action following extensive consultation with almost 400 locals. Closing date: 27 January 2021 Follow project

In 2020, residents were asked to comment on a proposal to address some traffic management issues in the subdivision at Churchlands Green.

A number of options were presented for the community to provide feedback. Following the consultation period, Council ultimately decided to support the majority view of residents within Churchlands Green to proceed with a three to six month trial with left turn temporary closures at the intersections of Alumni Terrace/Pearson Street, University Avenue/Empire Avenue and a right  turn ban from University Avenue into Alumni Terrace.

This trial is planned to begin at the end of July and the City will be collecting regular traffic data to measure the impacts on the local road network over the course of the trial. In addition to the traffic data, we are asking you to provide your feedback about how the trial is going. 

When the trial has concluded, Council will consider a report on the performance of this trial in order to establish the modifications should be made permanent, which will take into consideration your feedback. .

You can submit your feedback below. 

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  • Map of the changes to be trialed. Map of the changes to be trialed.


Temporary partial road closures endorsed by Council

May 2020

Temporary traffic management installed

July 2020

Comment period open

July 2020

Comment period closed

January 2021

Comments compiled

January 2021

Report to Council

Early 2021
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For more information, or to obtain this information in different formats, please contact Frank Strever, Engineering on (08) 9205 8555.

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