A plan for our health and wellbeing

The City of Stirling plays an important role in building communities that support the health and wellbeing of everyone living, working and visiting our region. We are developing the City's Public Health Plan to ensure the services and programs we deliver, as well as the communities we create, have a positive impact on health and wellbeing both now and into the future. Closing date: 5 February 2020 Follow project

The greatest contribution to the health of the nation over the past 150 years was made, not by doctors or hospitals, but by local government!

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, local government led the development of sewage and sanitation systems which resulted in the most significant reduction in death and disease in the 20th century.

Many other traditional local government functions have directly impacted the safety and health of communities such as ensuring safe drinking water, legislating for safe food, insisting on safe housing, enforcing safe streets and controlling mosquitoes and vermin.

Today we are facing a new reality, changes to the way we live, work and play have brought new health challenges. Chronic illness is now a leading cause of death with obesity being a key contributor.

More than ever, local government's role is vital to the health and wellbeing of the community through managing public open space, coordinating cultural events and activities, facilitating economic development and providing recreation facilities and opportunities.

The City is increasingly aiming to build strong, healthy, self-reliant and resilient communities and the our Public Health Plan will guide the policies, services and resources supporting these outcomes.


Why is health and wellbeing important?

Positive health and wellbeing enables individuals to:

  • Have increased life expectancy and better quality of life
  • Take on change and challenges
  • Survive injury, illness and pain
  • Avoid premature death and preventable hospitalisation
  • Deal with stress, disappointment and sadness
  • Develop and apply knowledge and skills
  • Enjoy more lifestyle choices
  • Spend less on the costs of ill-health.

With poor health and wellbeing, individuals are more likely to:

  • Suffer pain and discomfort
  • Lose capacity and skills
  • Have decreased life expectancy and lower quality of life
  • Make poor decisions
  • Become lonely and isolated
  • Become anxious and stressed
  • Develop chronic disease.

From a community perspective, the health and wellbeing of the population contributes to social interaction and the vitality of the community. For example, it enables participation in sports, volunteering, arts and culture, and all activities that bring the community together.

What is a 'Public Health Plan'?

A Public Health Plan outlines actions necessary to ensure that everyone living, working and visiting the City has an acceptable level of health today and into the future. This should help to reduce the predicted increase in the cost of providing health services for the aging population and minimise the number of people whose lifestyle is compromised by the symptoms of preventable diseases.

What are the three main objectives of the Public Health Plan?

The Public Health Plan has three main objectives that the City must address within the context of our specific region:

  • Objective 1 Empowering and enabling people to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Objective 2 Providing health protection for the community
  • Objective 3 Improving Aboriginal health.

What does local government have to do with health?

As the factors determining a person’s health are largely the conditions that a person is born, grows up, lives, works and ages in, the City plays a vital part in supporting our community to be healthy, reduce their risk of illness and improve life expectancy.


City decides to proactively develop Public Health Plan

As part of the Public Health Act 2016, State Government now requires all local governments to develop a Public Health Plan that considers the health needs of its region by 2021

Desktop review and engagement with reference groups and sector stakeholders

Draft Public Health Plan finalised and presented to Council for approval to seek public comment

Community engagement

Final Public Health Plan presented to Council for adoption

Launch of Public Health Plan

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