Stirling Libraries Strategy

The City is seeking comment on the community vision of the City's six public libraries, community history services and a Mount Flora Regional Museum to inform the draft Stirling Library Strategy 2022 - 2027. Closing date: 29 July 2022 Follow project

Stirling Libraries are vibrant social meeting places and community hubs offering contemporary programs, services and resources that connect communities to information, entertainment, and opportunities for lifelong learning.

The City's six public libraries are strategically co-located with community facilities or adjacent to commercial activity centres. Community history services are delivered via the Stirling History Collection, which incorporates the Mount Flora Regional Museum.

To ensure that Stirling Libraries remain relevant and connect with their communities, provide contemporary facilities and deliver innovative services, a new strategic direction is required. The Stirling Libraries Strategy 2022-2027 incorporates global public library trends and best practice, as well as place-based community development principles. The Strategy establishes the vision and strategic direction for future library service delivery models, workforce planning, and critical decision-making on the future of library infrastructure development. The Strategy concentrates on three strategic community-focused areas:

  • Connecting People - creatively connecting people, information and knowledge
  • Contemporary Places - libraries recognised as valued places and place-makers with community-led design
  • Community History - curate a diverse cultural offer which celebrates the history of the City of Stirling.

The City is seeking community feedback on the draft Stirling Libraries Strategy, and your thoughts about the future of the City’s six public libraries, community history services, and the Mount Flora Regional Museum. The Final Stirling Libraries Strategy will then be submitted to Council for endorsement in September 2022.

Document nameDownloadable files
Draft Stirling Libraries Strategy 2022 - 2027(PDF)


Community Resource Committee and Council seeking Council to adopt the draft Strategy, and approve to advertise for public comment

5 July 2022

Open for public comment

15 July 2022

Incorporate feedback into final document.

29 July 2022

Strategy presented to Community Resource Committee

6 September 2022

Strategy presented to Council for endorsement

13 September 2022
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