Scheme Amendment 115 - Omnibus

The City is asking for your comments on minor changes to the City’s Local Planning Scheme No.3. Closing date: 16 June 2021 Follow project

In February 2021, Council considered Scheme Amendment No.115, which proposes various minor changes to the City’s Local Planning Scheme Text and Maps.

The majority of these changes do not alter the intent of the City’s Local Planning Scheme No.3.  These changes are required to ‘clean up’ the Local Planning Scheme No.3 so that it achieves its purpose.

Where can I find more information about the amendment?

More information on Scheme Amendment No.115 can be found in the 9 February 2021 Council Minutes (Item 12.1/CP2).

What does Scheme Amendment No. 115 do?

The purpose of Scheme Amendment No.115 is to make administrative updates to the City’s Local Planning Scheme No.3 Scheme Text and Maps, as part of an ‘Omnibus’ Scheme Amendment.

What does the City’s Local Planning Scheme No. 3 do?

Local Planning Scheme No.3 has been in operation since 2010, and is a legal instrument which controls the development and use of land within the City.

It provides the overarching planning framework for development in the City (with the exception of the Scarborough Redevelopment Area which is administered by DevelopmentWA).


What is an ‘Omnibus’ Scheme Amendment?

An ‘Omnibus’ Scheme Amendment to the Local Planning Scheme happens when an opportunity arises to ‘fix up’ minor issues that have been identified with the Local Planning Scheme.

Why is Scheme Amendment No.115 required?

Scheme Amendment No.115 is required to fix up minor issues with the City’s Local Planning Scheme.  If these don’t happen, there may be a lack of certainty, confusion or unintended administrative delays when the City processes development proposals.

What changes are proposed as part of Scheme Amendment No. 115?

The changes proposed are summarised as follows:

  • Introduce a definition for non-residential floorspace
  • Clarify when incidental structures are exempt from requiring development approval
  • Advertising sign requirements
  • Clarify that scheme requirements for new developments do not apply to change of use proposals and minor works in the Stirling City Centre and Mirrabooka Town Centre
  • Insert additional land uses into the Zoning tables for Stirling City Centre and Mirrabooka Town Centre
  • Correcting the special control area boundary for the ‘Coastal Height Limit – Non-Residential Zones’ between Saunders Street and Sholl Avenue, North Beach to ensure the correct lots are included
  • Removing the Public Open Space zoning from several residential properties that have been incorrectly mapped
  • Removing the Residential R40 density coding from the Perth College site
  • Clarifying the extent of the Residential R-AC2 density coding at Dianella Plaza
  • Amending the Development zoning over portions of properties on Telford Crescent, Stirling, which have arisen from new cadastre boundaries
  • Textual changes to align with State Planning Policy 7.3 - Residential Design Codes Volume 1 and 2
  • Updating references to legislation (such as Heritage Act 2018)
  • Updating references for relevant planning instruments (such as local development plans)
  • Ensuring consistency between the boundary for the Careniup Swamp Special Control Area and the Rehabilitation Plan as depicted in the Scheme Text
  • Correcting references to clause and schedule numbers
  • Correcting spelling, grammar and formatting
  • Removing references to revoked local planning policies
  • Removing outdated and inconsistent advertising sign requirements.


Council resolved to initiate Scheme Amendment

9 February 2021

Community consultation commences

6 May 2021

Community consultation concludes

16 June 2021

Officer reviews comments received during community consultation

June 2021

Council considers outcomes of community consultation

August 2021 - To be confirmed

Scheme Amendment forwarded to the Minister for Planning for a decision

September - To be confirmed

Decision from the Minister for Planning received

To be confirmed

Scheme Amendment No.115 comes into effect (if approved by the Minister for Planning)

To be confirmed
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For more information, or to receive this information in an alternative format, contact Patricia Tan, Development Services - Schemes and Policies Team on (08) 9205 8555.

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