Scarborough Redevelopment Area Normalisation

The City is preparing to take control of the Scarborough Redevelopment Area and is providing information to the community about that process and how you can have your say. Closing date: 15 November 2021 Follow project

DevelopmentWA (formerly the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority) assumed planning control of the Scarborough Redevelopment Area in 2014 as part of the initiative to upgrade and revitalise the Scarborough foreshore area.

DevelopmentWA’s only role in the area is to administer the Scarborough Redevelopment Scheme, against which development proposals are assessed, and manage the collection of developer contributions through a Development Contribution Plan.

DevelopmentWA has advised the City it wishes to return planning control for the Area back to the City through a process referred to as ‘normalisation’.

To enable this to happen, the City needs to make some changes to its planning framework.

While the normalisation process will involve advertising various documents for public comment, the City wants the community to understand the process of normalisation and implications for the Area – especially what can and cannot be done to planning framework.  For this reason, Council wants to engage with the community before the formal process begins.  The formal process involves Council being presented with a number of planning documents and agreeing to advertise these to the community.

Location map

The Scarborough Redevelopment Area is outlined in this map.

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What is ‘Normalisation’?

Normalisation is the process for planning control of the Scarborough Redevelopment Area to be returned to the City from DevelopmentWA.

Who is DevelopmentWA?

DevelopmentWA (formerly Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority) are the Western Australian Government's land and development corporation.

DevelopmentWA determine all planning applications within the Scarborough Redevelopment Area.

Who will determine the planning applications which are lodged prior to planning control being returned to the City?

Any applications for development lodged with DevelopmentWA prior to normalisation will be assessed and determined by DevelopmentWA, if they have not been determined before normalisation happens.

Development applications lodged with the City after normalisation will be assessed and determined by the City (or in most instances the Metro Inner-North JDAP), in accordance with its standards.

What planning controls are currently in place for the Area?

DevelopmentWA’s statutory documents provide detailed requirements for land development, as well as guidance on other planning matters and include:

  • 10 Development Policies that address key development issues (such as housing affordability, sustainability, signage, sound attenuation and heritage conservation)
  • Design Guidelines that set out the requirements for building design and other development standards for land within specific precincts of the redevelopment area.  The Design Guidelines include standards such as building design and materials, building height, setbacks, and car parking
  • A Heritage Inventory providing an historic record and identification of the heritage significance or heritage fabric (building qualities) of a place.

A Development Contribution Plan that sets out the infrastructure needs of the redevelopment area and the contributions required towards the costs of this infrastructure.

What actions are required for normalisation to occur?

At its 17 August 2021 meeting Council resolved to undertake a process of normalisation that includes public consultation.

A ‘Complex Amendment’ to the City’s local planning scheme will be prepared and advertised for public comment.  This is required to ensure development contributions can continue to be collected prior to and following normalisation.

This process provides the opportunity for the City to make minor changes to the policy framework to ensure clarity and consistency with the Master Plan vision for the Area.

Only minor changes will be prepared to ensure that the desired timeframes can be met and come into effect once the City has assumed planning control.

After normalisation has occurred, the City has control over what other modifications to the planning framework it wants to make.  Council has not yet decided what it wants to do with the planning framework once the City has assumed responsibility for planning matters.

What planning controls will apply to the Area after normalisation?

Council has not made a decision on which policies it would like to adopt for the area.  This will be finalised through the normalisation process.

When is normalisation anticipated to be finalised?

Normalisation is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.


Survey opens for community consultation

21 October 2021

Information Stall at Scarborough Sunset Market

4 November 2021 and 11 November 2021

Survey closes for community consultation

15 November 2021

Council to consider the initiation of a complex scheme amendment

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