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We are seeking feedback on how we use our shared spaces such as verges, thoroughfares and pavements. Closing date: 31 January 2022 Follow project

The way we use our streets and public places is changing. We are consulting with the community to gain your views on the regulation of these places into the future.

The City of Stirling Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 2009 is being reviewed and is intended on being renamed and replaced with the City of Stirling Streets and Public Places Local Law.

To streamline and modernise the local law, we are undertaking a number of engagements with the community to gain their views.

An online survey will help identify the main priorities which will then be taken to a community forum, where more refinements will be made.

Following this, formal changes will be drafted to the local law to make it more user friendly and easy to understand which will then be considered by Council.

The City is looking to review the local law so that:

  • The ongoing management of streets and public places reflects how the community wish to use the space and have it managed by the City
  • It supports businesses to thrive in commercial areas, while protecting public safety
  • The introduction of ‘Deemed Permits’ removes red tape and approval processes for activities that are considered low risk
  • It is more agile and modern  
  • The City complies with the legislative requirement to review Local Laws periodically.
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What is the purpose of this survey?

The City is reviewing its Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law. The intent of the survey is to engage with the community regarding activity levels in City streets. Formal advertising of the local law will commence after initial community consultation.

What is the draft local law called?

Streets and Public Places Law 2021

When will the local law come into force?

Following the survey and community workshop, a report must be presented to Council seeking them to resolve that the local law be formally advertised.

If this is resolved, the City will formally advertise the proposed local law and seek comments from the community.

Once comments have been received, the City will consider the comments and make a report to Council. If Council adopts the local law, the City will then publish it in the Government Gazette.  

The local law is then reviewed by the Delegated Legislation Committee for their final consideration. This process is likely to take approximately 8 months to complete.


Community engagement commences

10 January 2022

Community Workshop

February 2022

Report to go to Council

March 2022

Formal advertisement of Local Law

March 2022

Feedback from formal advertisement assessed

May 2022
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For more information, please contact Shauna O'neill or Desmond Ngara, Governance Team on (08) 9205 8555.

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