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We want your say - we are seeking the community's views around the need for a Hub at Hamersley including how the current facilities and services within the proposed Hub area meet your needs. Closing date: 3 November 2021 Follow project
Location Map of Hamersley Leisure Centre and Oval

Project background

Following a Notice of Motion from Councillor Perkov, Council resolved (Council Resolution Number 0321/023) that the City investigates the feasibility and community need for the establishment of a multi-purpose community hub at Stirling Leisure Centres - Hamersley and Aintree Eglinton Reserve in Hamersley with a report to be presented to Council by December 2021.

The scope of the Hub needs and feasibility project will include engagement with adjoining local residents, regular and casual users of Stirling Leisure Centres - Hamersley along with the current sporting groups and reserve users utilising Aintree Eglinton Reserve.  There are currently 29 regular hire groups delivering a range of recreational and leisure programs within the Stirling Leisure Centres Hamersley. There are also other adjacent providers which given their proximity should also be consulted given the need to explore possible collaboration and partnership opportunities. These include the Hamersley Scout Group, Glendale Primary School, Holy Cross Anglican Parish Church and Keiki Early Learning.


What is a community Hub?

The City defines a Community Hub as a satellite location in the City which has co-located City-led services, facilities and spaces for community activities. The Hubs focus on meeting the needs of each hub’s local residents all in one convenient location.  The intent behind the establishment of local Community Hubs is to co-locate services and provide:

  • A place where people come, stay and interact
  • A place to locally access a range of services and programs
  • Improved facility utilisation (active and passive)
  • Improved opportunities for various community organisations to collaborate and innovate
  • Opportunities for City Officers to work collaboratively and cross-functionally in response to local community needs
  • Avoiding duplication of services, programs and resources.

Does the City have other community hubs?

There are currently four Hubs including Mirrabooka Community Hub, Osborne Community Hub,  Inglewood Town Square and Scarborough Community Hub. Each Hub differs slightly with spaces, services and activities aligned with the needs of the surrounding community. The extent of City buildings and infrastructure also vary across each Hub.

Further information about our community hubs can be found here on the Community hubs page.

Why is the City looking at a hub in Hamersley?

Council recently resolved that there is a need for the City to investigate the feasibility and community need for the establishment of a multi-purpose community hub at Stirling Leisure Centres - Hamersley and Aintree Eglinton Reserve in Hamersley

What facilities are currently included within the proposed Hamersley Hub area that is being considered?

The area includes the Stirling Leisure Centres adjacent Aintree Eglington reserve and their associated amenities.  Given the location of other community providers and facilities in the area the City will also be engaging with the Hamersley Scout Group, Glendale Primary School, Holy Cross Anglican Parish Church and Keiki Early Learning to gain their views about the proposed Hub.

Are you seeking views about the proposed Hub and services and facilities from residents as well as users?

Yes, the City will be engaging with current users, regular hire groups, residents, reserve users and adjacent community service providers within the proposed Hub area.

Do you want to hear our feedback about services, programs and facilities?

Yes. A survey has been developed to assist in gaining your feedback about your current and future needs in relation to the services, programs and facilities.

Is there a survey I can complete?

Yes, click here to complete the survey or click the link above.

Will we hear about the outcomes of the community’s views about the need for a Hub within Hamersley?

Yes, the City will provide an update following Council consideration of the needs assessment.


Community engagement commences

October 2021

Needs assessment

November 2021

Council consideration

December 2021

Community update

January 2021
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For more information, or to receive this information in an alternate format, contact the Community Development Team on (08) 9205 8555.

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