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Detail design for the redevelopment of the Golf Course is in progress.

The Hamersley Public Golf Course (HPGC) opened in 1968 including the existing golf pro shop, caretaker residence and golf maintenance facilities. The Gleneagles Tavern function centre was added to the existing facility opened in 1983. The HPGC is the City’s only public golf course and recorded approximately 80,000 visits a year in 2018-19.

There have been limited capital upgrades to the golf course buildings during the past 50 years and these buildings are consequently aged, and do not meet contemporary golf course standards and patrons and community expectations. Upgrades to the golf course have also been limited and generally course upgrades were as a response to addressing safety issues. Notwithstanding these limited upgrades, the golf course is continuously maintained to a high standard by the City’s Parks maintenance team and is considered one of the best public golf courses in Western Australia.

The City engaged Hodge Collard Preston Architects in October 2020 to prepare the detail design for the redevelopment of the Golf Pavilion and the Driving Range.

The redevelopment project aims to enhance the golfing experience, including:

  • Redevelopment of the golf pavilion with a modern, open and flexible design
  • The new Golf pavilion to include a new restaurant, multi-purpose function room, café/kiosk, alfresco area, toilets,  pro shop, golf simulator room and administration
  • Upgrading the existing carpark including additional bays and improved access/egress from Marmion Avenue
  • Improving paths and wayfinding for better movement between the Golf Pavilion, car park, golf course and driving range
  • Minor course improvements including additional bunkers at certain holes and upgrading the practice greens where required.

The redevelopment design principles are:

  • To create a destination - Improving the indoor-outdoor connection and providing alfresco seating opportunities is key to the creation of a ‘destination’
  • Improve access and movement - The concept proposal seeks to improve on key movement patterns and legibility through the site supported by the inclusion of a defined ‘Golf Concourse’
  • Better golf course surveillance - The current Pro-Shop location provides optimal golf course management with line of sight to key control points
  • Improved golf concourse and entry - The golf concourse layout is clearer with way finding and paths to improve access around the pavilion. The concourse roof offers the clubhouse a new identity and improves legibility and easily navigated entry point to the course.

Council endorsed the business case for the redevelopment of golf course in August 2020. 

Driving range

The proposed two-level automated driving range is intended to remain at the existing location and provides an approximate 30-bays which will align with modern golfing expectations and its construction remains subject to Council approval and funding availability.

The driving range is intended to provide interaction with the driving range outfield via the use of ball tracking technology capable of tracking the flight of a golf ball and adding graphics to make this visible on a screen and enhance the driving range experience. Dedicated bays will also be included for tuition and coaching.


When does detailed design for redevelopment of Golf Pavilion commence?

The detailed design is scheduled to be completed by August 2021.

What is the scope of redevelopment?

The scope includes a new built golf pavilion to accommodate outdoor seating, reconfigure the internal layout to incorporate new modern restaurant, multi-purpose function room, café, kiosk, alfresco dining, male/female changing rooms/toilets, pro-shop including administration areas, golf simulator room golf carts storage, approximately 40 additional car parking bays and landscaping.

When is construction expected to commence?

Construction is expected to commence in April 2022.

Will there be information sessions?

The City will present the design plans for the redevelopment of the Hamersley Public Golf Course pavilion and a two-level automated driving range and will be available to answer any questions. The sessions also provide an opportunity to meet the new General Manager.

  • Session one 

Date Wednesday 23 June 2021 
Time 11.00am - 12 noon

  • Session two

Date Thursday 24 June 2021 
Time 2.30pm - 3.30pm

  • Session three

Date Saturday 26 June 2021 
Time 11.00am - 12 noon

  • Session four

Date Saturday 26 June 2021 
Time 12 noon - 1.00pm

Venue Gleneagles Reception Centre, Hamersley Public Golf Course

Due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, capacity is limited and you are requested to register your attendance. 


Construction of Golf Pavilion

May 2022

Construction of two level automated driving range

Subject to Council approval of funds

Engagement of contractor final approval and redevelopment of Golf Pavilion

November 2021 - April 2022

Detailed design is developed

October 2020 - August 2021

Community and Social Golf Clubs engagement on preliminary design

September - October 2020

Preliminary design is developed

March 2020 - June 2020
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  • Driving rangeDriving range
  • Driving rangeDriving range
  • Golf pavilion concourse looking southGolf pavilion concourse looking south
  • Golf pavilion eastern perspectiveGolf pavilion eastern perspective

Need more information on the Hamersley Public Golf Course Redevelopment?

jungle asked

26 June 2021
1. Looks like golfers will have to enter the bar area to buy drinks instead of purchasing through a window as is current situation. If this is the case then it would be important for the interior floor covering to handle golf shoes (spiked). Just not sure if this is the intention or has been addressed by the architects. 2. Although the Driving Range building is a future unfunded project it will be necessary to provide a small lift to access the second level as per the Driving Range at Wembley Public Golf Course. A lift will provide necessary access and enable golfers to take their golf buggy and clubs up to the second level so they can practise with all of their golf clubs. It will also provide access for senior and partially disabled golfers.

City of Stirling

2 July 2021
Thanks for your questions James. 1. The suggestion is noted and will be discussed with the Architect and the Food and Beverage Operator. 2. A lift has not been provided as the access ramp to level 1 of the driving range is DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant.

Kevin asked

29 October 2020
What impact will the redevelopment have on College Court? Will there be any entrances from College Court and if so, which ones and whereabouts will they be located? Thanks

City of Stirling

2 July 2021
Thanks for your question Fiona. The City is investigating the impact of a separate access for maintenance vehicles from College Court. As stated during the Community Information Sessions, no decision has been made as yet. In the event a decision is made in favour of a separate access, a separate information session will be arranged to advise the residents at College Court.

Wassa63 asked

10 October 2020
The present driving range provides regular hitting from the grass area as well as synthetic tees. Will the new driving range also provide this?

City of Stirling

2 July 2021
Thanks for your question Warren. We are currently accessing the grassed area to the east of the proposed driving range and are confident this area can be used particularly for coaching purposes with limited public golfing use.

Jan asked

26 September 2020
what are the dimensions of the dining room and the function room and how many people does each area respectively accommodate

City of Stirling

30 September 2020
Hi Jan, this consultation does not include specific design features or floor plans for the redevelopment at this stage. Following the feedback period, the City will work with the architects on a detailed design where this element will be considered comprehensively based on functional requirements and comments.

WalterW asked

23 September 2020
There does not appear to be any provision for function / meeting rooms in which golf clubs can hold their presentations after playing golf. Is it proposed to include this amenity?

City of Stirling

30 September 2020
Hi Peter, thanks for your question. This consultation does not include any specific design features or floor plans for the redevelopment at this stage. Function / meeting rooms have been identified as something definitely requiring future consideration. Following the feedback period, the City will work with the architects on a detailed design where this element will be considered comprehensively based on functional requirements and feedback.

Mike asked

20 September 2020
Whilst the artists Impressions of the exterior of the redevelopment are interesting they do not tell the entire story nor provide enough information for constructive comment. Can you please arrange for the publication on this website of the plan of the proposed Draft changes to the pavilion and a separate plan showing the area surrounding it including the car park, Putting green Pitching facilities and the proposed two story driving range

City of Stirling

21 September 2020
Hi David, the purpose of this engagement is to present the early concept designs which includes the artists impressions of the buildings, a summary of the proposed new features of the redevelopment and a plan of where everything is to be located. We will use the comments received from the concept plans to proceed to a detailed design where the information you have asked for will be provided as part of a follow up consultation.

jacklu asked

18 September 2020
As the driving range is proposed to be automated, is the intention for it to be open 24/7 or until late?

City of Stirling

21 September 2020
Hi Jack, at this stage the driving range is intended to be open up to 9pm but the final decision will be taken after completion of acoustic study and in consultation with the residents at College Court.

Kathy asked

17 September 2020
Can you provide details of what is planned for the accommodation facility currently located above the pro shop?

City of Stirling

18 September 2020
Hi Kathy, we are still investigating possible options of utilising the space directly above the Pro-shop, and this will be further explored as we move into the detailed design phase of the project.

mgwake asked

16 September 2020
Hi Stirling Council, Will the new redevelopment include solar? Cheers Michael

City of Stirling

18 September 2020
Hi Michael, thanks for your question. The City has developed Environmental Sustainable Guidelines (ESD) to ensure best possible environmental performance is achieved for City owned buildings. In compliance with the above guidelines Solar PV system will be incorporated into the final detailed design for the redevelopment of Hamersley Public Golf Course.

For more information, or to receive this information in an alternative format, contact Sanjay Khosla on (08) 9205 8866.

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