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Hamer Park and Inglewood Oval

The City has undertaken a series of investigations and community engagement activities to inform a range of options for the Hamer Park and Inglewood Oval Building Redevelopment Project.

What is the status of the Hamer Park and Inglewood Oval redevelopment project?

The City has completed the new LED sports oval lighting in February 2021 and has awarded a construction contract for building the new Moyle Pavilion and Hamer Park Clubrooms. Demolition and construction of Moyle Pavilion and construction of the new Hamer Park Clubroom took place from 6 April 2021 and was completed in December 2021. View a copy of the current construction floor plans here.

When the existing Hamer Park Clubroom is demolished what will happen with that area?

The existing Hamer Park Clubroom will be demolished once the new building has been constructed. The area will be turfed and the space then utilised as an overflow car park during busy sporting and recreational use.

What parking is being provided to the new Hamer Park clubrooms?

The City understands the need to support peak parking times on occasions when all sporting clubs are playing at home, particularly during the winter season. The old footprint of the Hamer Park Clubrooms will be turfed and the area utilised as an overflow car park during busy sporting and recreational times. The clubs will manage access to the overflow parking.

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Inform clubs and community of Hamer Park Clubrooms conceptual design

April 2020

Complete detailed design for Hamer Park and Moyle Pavilion clubrooms

July 2020

Submit Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Funding (CSRFF) application to Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries for Hamer Park Clubrooms

September 2020

Installation of new LED sports lighting to Inglewood and Hamer Park ovals

October 2020

Public tender advertised to build the new Moyle Pavilion and Hamer Park Clubrooms

November 2020

Contract signing with successful building tender

April 2021

Building Construction works complete at Inglewood Oval and Hamer Park

December 2021
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Project history

On 11 February 2020, Council considered the outcomes of the most recent community engagement for the location of the Hamer Park clubrooms and endorsed Option C (South end of the Hamer Park ovals).

It was also resolved by Council that the City would advise the community of the endorsed location and concept design once developed. Please find below a copy of the current concept plan here

The following can be found below: 

  • Hamer Park and Inglewood Oval - site plan
  • Hamer Park Clubrooms - Rendered images
  • Hamer Park Clubrooms - Flythrough.

The plans and images are conceptual only and their primary intent is to provide information regarding the building’s location and form. As the design development phase progresses, the City will consider materials, colours, car parking and other ancillary building needs such as security lighting. The new building integrates the key design criteria and offers a contemporary facility to support future sporting needs whilst also considering its natural and residential surroundings. 

A grant application will also be made in September 2020 seeking financial support for the construction of the Hamer Park clubrooms.

The project timeline has been updated however this is subject to draft budgets being endorsed by Council.

The City will continue to use this page to provide project updates when relevant.

The City has undertaken a series of investigations and community engagement activities to inform a range of options for the Hamer Park and Inglewood Oval Building Redevelopment Project.

Following consultation with the community in 2014, the City developed concept designs for a new and relocated Hamer Park Clubrooms and a new Moyle Pavilion at Inglewood Oval, seeking community feedback on the proposal throughout April, May and June this year.

The concepts identified a new building for Moyle Pavilion in its current location and a new Hamer Park Clubrooms building to be relocated to the north-western side of Hamer Park, with access to the building from Woodsome Street. During the consultation period the community expressed concerns regarding the proposed new location of the Hamer Park Clubrooms specifically relating to parking provision, traffic on Woodsome Street, safety and cost.

A Council report on 10 September 2019 provided feedback on both building proposals and identified that as a result of the level of community concern regarding the Hamer Park Clubrooms proposal, that the Woodsome Street location would not be progressed. The new Moyle Pavilion building project was endorsed by Council for the purpose of progressing to detailed design and documentation development.

What is being provided in the Hamer Park Clubrooms?

The size and types of internal spaces have been determined through review of industry best practice, state sporting association guidelines (e.g. AFL preferred facility guidelines and Cricket Facilities Guidelines) and other City facility provision. Consultation has also occurred with the Mt Lawley Inglewood Cricket Club and Mt Lawley Inglewood Junior Football Club and will continue through design stages to ensure the Hamer Park Clubrooms is functional and meets the needs of the sporting clubs. It is noted that the City will provide the following for community level and grass roots sports provision;

  • Clubroom - inclusion of adjacent chair/table store to minimise clutter in the clubroom and provide greater flexibility
  • Kitchen and Kiosk - inclusion of outwards facing servery so volunteers can view the sporting field
  • Storage with external access - provided for each club to allow for storage of items during the off-season
  • Changerooms - provided as gender neutral with shower cubicles, separate wet areas for each changeroom, provision of two home team and two visitor changerooms
  • Office - to assist with management of sporting club and growing needs for privacy and security of information
  • Umpire Changerooms - dedicated space for umpires and can accommodate growth in female umpires
  • Internal toilets - to service the clubroom and spectators
  • Veranda and spectator - size and space dependent on location
  • Internal servery - for food and drink service.

*It is noted that the Clubs must fund specified equipment to undertake functional use such as kitchen and servery equipment.

Who is proposed to be the main user of the Hamer Park Clubrooms?

The Hamer Park Clubrooms will accommodate the Mt Lawley Inglewood Cricket Club and Mt Lawley Inglewood Junior Football Club who will relocate from Moyle Pavilion following construction.

What liquor licence will there be at Hamer Park Clubrooms?

All sporting clubs throughout the City have the opportunity to apply for a liquor licence which is assessed and approved by Racing, Gaming and Liquor. Racing, Gaming and Liquor assess each application on a case by case basis which includes strict guidelines. 

The majority of senior sporting activity is being centralised at Moyle Pavilion with the Perth Baseball Club and relocation of the Mt Lawley Amateur Football Club. Currently the Mt Lawley Inglewood Cricket Club (both senior and junior players) will remain at Hamer Park Clubrooms.

What are the main usage times for the Hamer Park Clubrooms?

Hamer Park sporting clubrooms are currently home to the Mount Lawley Inglewood Cricket Club during the summer sporting season (October to March) and the Mt Lawley Amateur Football Club (seniors) in the winter (April to September).  Each season operates for 26 weeks per year noting there are annual variances when teams reach finals.

The buildings are used in both summer and winter months during evenings for training and weekends for match play.  Sports training sessions are generally held on weeknights from 4.30pm to 7pm with match play on Saturdays and Sundays. Daytime use of both sporting clubrooms is low during the week and there is rarely any use by other groups outside of sporting use. 

The table below outlines the proposed average weekly clubroom sporting use based on the proposed sporting users being the Mount Lawley Inglewood Junior Football Club and the Mount Lawley Inglewood Cricket Club.

Hamer Park
ClubWeekday usage (hours)Weekend usage (hours)Total current summer season usage per week (hours)
Mount Lawley Inglewood Junior Football Club11.514.526
Mount Lawley Inglewood Cricket Club1014.524.5

It is important to note that ground and clubroom use fluctuates each season dependent on the respective clubs:

  • Player and membership registrations
  • Number of teams training and match play fixtures
  • Qualifying for finals
  • Club related fundraising activities 
  • “Home” and “away” fixtures which are scheduled through their respective State Sporting Associations.

Will there be any community access to the Hamer Park Clubrooms?

The respective sports clubs can provide localised community access to the clubrooms for small scale community use in line with their licence agreements.

What has the community said is important?

The project has been informed through a series of community consultation activities. The City has received significant feedback from sporting clubs, stakeholders and residents regarding current and future community sporting needs and the community values associated with the surrounding parkland.

Which locations are being considered for new clubrooms?

The City wants to ensure the Hamer Park clubrooms continue to meet the needs of the community and sporting clubs into the future and has investigated alternative locations close to North Street. The following options have been identified and consideration assessed against community values and user needs:

Option A - Central Spine

Option A is mid-way between North Street and Woodsome Street and is central to both ovals.

In order to achieve a building in this location, the footprint is required to be extremely slim to fit between the east and west cricket ovals.  A nominated 10 metre building width will require a 70 metre long structure to accommodate the user needs. Any structure proposed in this area requires path networks (2metres) and safe run-off zones (5metres) from structures. 

With a minimal width nominated for the building, there is not enough space between the two ovals to allow for correctly sized Australian football and cricket pitches without removing earth and trees from the western hill and providing retaining walls.  A building in this location will also require up to 10 trees to be removed. 

Option B - Second Avenue

Option B is located south of Hamer park, central to both ovals and within close proximity to the existing car park. 

The area can accommodate the footprint required to meet user needs and can be constructed with minimal impact to any sporting season.  The area is close to existing infrastructure services and provides good sight lines to both ovals.  A building in this location will require up to 5 established trees and 1 significant tree (the Citriodora) to be removed.

Option C - South end of ovals

Option C is located between the ovals at the south of Hamer Park.

The area will provide central views to both ovals and increases distances from local residents.  Option C ensures minimal tree loss occurs and considers the root protection zone of the Citriodora.  A building in this location will require up to 3 trees to be removed. 

Option D - Demolish and rebuild at the same location

Whilst option D is the least invasive to green space, the building remains within close proximity to residences. 

The existing location does not provide adequate viewing to both ovals and without demolishing the existing building, the opportunity to provide additional car parking for the area cannot be achieved.

Considered clubroom locations

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What is considered for the existing Hamer Park clubrooms if demolished?

The City has considered areas to provide localised parking, sufficient to support current and proposed use. If demolished, the existing Hamer Park Clubrooms area can provide an additional 59 parking bays and 2 accessible bays. The car park can be managed by the respective clubs during game times and act as an overflow car park when required.

What parking will be needed?

The City understands the need for peak parking times, when all clubs are playing at home during winter. Recent parking surveys, undertaken in June 2019, captured the use of Mount Lawley Inglewood Junior football at the Central Avenue car park and recorded a maximum requirement for 141 cars. 

If the existing Hamer Park clubrooms are demolished an additional 59 car parking bays can be provided which could result in the possible provision of 193 parking bays made up of:

  • 59 existing bays at Second Avenue car park
  • 59 proposed bays in new location
  • 75 on street bays in Woodsome Street.

What are the key design considerations for a new building?

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  • Key design considerationsKey design considerations

Initial documents

For more information, contact Simone Pastor, Leisure Planning on (08) 9205 8555 or leisureplanning@stirling.wa.gov.au.

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