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The City’s eScooter trial ends in February 2023 and we would like to hear your feedback on whether we should continue to support eScooter hire within the City. Closing date: 16 December 2022 Follow project

The City e-scooter trial in partnership with Neuron has been extremely popular with residents and visitors to the area with over 130,000 trips recorded to date.

The one-year trial is due to finish in February 2023 and we are seeking feedback from the community on whether they would like the City to continue to support the hiring of e-scooters into the future.

Feedback can be provided through the link below and will be presented to Council to inform their decision on this issue.

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Why doesn’t the City ban e-scooters?

The use of eScooters (and other eRideables) was made legal by the State Government in December 2021. The City has no power to ban eScooters that meet the appropriate legislative requirements.

A good summary of the rules is included on the WA government website, click here to read.

How can I try one of the eScooters?

Download the Neuron App from the App Store or Google Play to unlock one of the e-scooters.

More details on how to ride safely are available on the Neuron ScootSafe website.

I have a complaint about eScooters, who should I direct it to?

Issues with the orange Neuron scooters should be reported directly to Neuron on (08) 7744 3122. The City has no control over private e-scooters and any illegal behaviour should be reported directly to WA Police.

Why are the City running this trial?

The trial allows for the community to use an eScooters without the significant upfront cost involved with buying one.

The eScooters trial has many benefits including:

  • Reduced vehicle emissions where car trips are replaced
  • 25 local jobs have been created to support this trial
  • Attracting additional visitors to local businesses.

Neuron eScooters have additional safety features over many private e-scooters and are covered by ride insurance.

How much is the eScooter trial costing the City?

Under the current arrangement, the eScooter trial does not cost the City anything, being fully paid for.


Community consultation commences

October 2022

Community consultation concludes

December 2022

Report to Council and decision made

February 2022
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For more information, or to receive this information in an alternate format, please contact Russell Jackson, Transport Services on (08) 9205 8555.

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