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The City would like to obtain feedback on the draft Public Art Masterplan 2021-2025 created following community engagement. Closing date: 22 September 2021 Follow project

The City currently manages an extensive public art collection and continues to invest in new commissions through the Public Art Policy. Over the coming years the City will be looking to commission a significant number of public artworks. To optimise this opportunity, a strategic approach is recommended so that future commissions are considered, site-specific and contribute to both the collection and to community life.

A cohesive Masterplan, which identifies appropriate locations and type of public art, within each of the City’s precincts, will set this strategic framework. Developing a Masterplan of this scope and scale requires an in depth understanding of place and community. The resulting Masterplan will clearly define a vision and curatorial themes for public art, unique to the City, followed by detailed information on opportunities within each precinct.

Earlier in 2021 the City of Stirling undertook extensive community engagement to gain a deep understanding of place and context; and the community’s aspirations for public art in the future. More than 400+ people were formally engaged including 335 survey respondents, more than 50 workshop participants and many more people engaged with the pop-up booths at community events or the interactive displays at various community facilities.

The information gathered through this process has formed the basis for the City’s first Public Art Masterplan. To make sure we have heard the community correctly, the City is seeking feedback on the Draft document. Please click through to review the Draft Public Art Masterplan and complete the short survey.

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What is public art?

Public art is an artwork in any medium intended for exhibition within a public space. It can express community values, enhance our environment, transform a landscape heighten our awareness or question our assumptions.

What can public art be?

Public art is not just murals and sculptures. It can come in a variety of forms including large and small scale, static or moving, abstract or realist, performance-based or temporary, stand-alone or site specific.

How big is the City’s public art collection?

The City currently manages an extensive collection of over 50 pieces. 

You can view the City's art collection here

How does the City fund contributions to its public art collection?

The City invests in commissions through the Public Art Policy, applicable to all City led infrastructure projects. 

How can I have my say?

The City will be seeking public comments on the Draft Public Art Masterplan in September. Please follow this project to be kept up to date when this opens.

How will my feedback be used in the Public Art Masterplan?

Your feedback will be collected and considered by the consultants (element).

How long will the engagement process be open to the public?

The first phase of community engagement was open from February to March 2021 and formed the basis of the Masterplan. A second phase of community engagement will occur in September 2021 where the public will be invited to review the Draft Public Art Masterplan and provide comment to ensure that the document is reflective of the community’s aspirations.

What will the Masterplan achieve?

The Masterplan will be a practical document which will be implemented by the City’s Arts and Activation team over the coming 4 years with the intent to continue to build a valued collection of public art. 

When will the Masterplan be finished?

The Draft Masterplan will be presented to Council in August 2021 to seek permission to publicly advertised. Following community feedback, the Final document will be presented to Council for endorsement in November 2021.

Who is developing the Public Art Masterplan?

The City has appointed the consultants element to undertake the stakeholder and community engagement services and development of the Public Art Masterplan. They will primarily work alongside the Arts and Activation team at the City. 


Public engagement period commences

February 2021

Public engagement period closes

Late March 2021

Feedback from engagement period considered in the draft Public Art Masterplan

April 2021

Draft Masterplan presented to Council

31 August 2021

Draft document open for public comment

6 September 2021

Final Masterplan presented to Council for adoption

November 2021
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For more information on the Public Art Masterplan or to receive this information in an alternate format, contact Kristy Gough, Arts and Activation on (08) 9205 8555.

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