Beaufort Street variable speed limit trial

Council has adopted to introduce a new variable speed on Beaufort Street, Central Avenue to Crawford Road, Inglewood. Follow project

On the 11 February 2020, Council voted to begin a two year trial of a variable speed limit on a section of Beaufort Street, Inglewood between Central Avenue and Crawford Road.

You can read the minutes here.

This means the speed limit will drop from 60km/h to 40km/h between the hours of 7.30am and 10.00pm Sunday to Thursday and between 7.30am and 1.00am on Friday and Saturday.

The initiative came about following many requests from local businesses and the Town Team, Inglewood on Beaufort over a number of years. The change will bring this strip into line with other 40km/h areas on Beaufort Street including near Perth College during school pick up and drop off times and closer to the Perth City in Mount Lawley and Highgate.

    Although we don’t expect there to be any impact, we will also be periodically monitoring vehicle movements and speeds on the adjoining side streets to ensure that there are no flow on effects on adjoining residents.

    Should you have any urgent concerns that arise during the trial we ask you contact the City direct on (08) 9205 8555.

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    When will the trial officially commence?

    The trial commenced on 5 July 2021. 

    Who will enforce the speed limit?

    The Western Australian Police force currently have the authority to enforce the speed limit on all public roads. WA Police will be advised of the start date and will be authorised to ensure vehicles are adhering to the speed limit. The City will be monitoring vehicle speeds as part of our data collection for this trial.

    How much will the trial cost?

    The biggest cost to the CIty has been the installation of the LED variable signs which has cost approximately $255,000

    I live in one of the adjacent local streets off Beaufort Street. Will this cause me any traffic issues?

    The City will be actively monitoring Beaufort Street and the affected precinct via traffic collection surveys before and after the proposed project in order to assure that traffic patterns and speed are within an acceptable range.

    How will you know if the trial will be successful?

    During this trial, we will be monitoring a number of different factors which will help Council assess how the change in speed has impacted the area and will include:

    • Traffic volumes
    • Vehicle speed
    • Accident data
    • Pedestrian activity and numbers
    • Anecdotal evidence from business owners and residents

    When will I next be notified about this project?

    This Your Say page will all the up to date information about the trial. Upon commencement, local residents will also receive a letter with additional information and news items being put on our website and social media channels when required. 

    How often will traffic data be collected?

    Traffic data will be collected by the City approximately every six months over the two year trial with crash data updated annually by Main Roads WA. All data and community feedback will be formally presented in a Report to Council at the conclusion of the two year trial.