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Learn about the State Government projects that are happening within the City. 

State Underground Power Program (SUPP)

The State Underground Power Program (SUPP) is a State Government initiative established to provide 50% of Perth households with underground power by the year 2010, and this milestone has now been achieved with the existing program coming to an end with the completion of Round 5.

What is the State underground power program?

Previously nominations for proposed projects were invited from interested local government authorities (LGAs) prior to the commencement of each round. LGAs were asked to nominate projects using set selection criteria, with each nomination assessed against social, economic and technical criteria by the SUPP Steering Committee, who then selected projects on behalf of the Public Utilities Office (PUO) formerly Office of Energy.

The SUPP incorporated two types of projects:

  • Major Residential Projects (MRP) involve large areas of predominantly residential properties. Prior to Round 5 preferred project sizes vary from 800 to 1300 lots, for Round 5 that was revised to between 600 and 1000 lots
  • Localised Enhancement Projects (LEP) which were smaller in size and involve precinct areas of high significance to the community. That is, usually around a kilometre of roads, such as main streets in country towns, significant council areas in the metropolitan area, or areas of historical or heritage significance.

This program has now been restarted with the Minister for Energy announcing a replacement program as Round 6.

How are the works funded?

Under the original State Underground Power Program (SUPP), 50% of project costs were subsidised by the State Government through the Office of Energy and Western Power, with the remaining 50% provided by the relevant local government authority.

The City of Stirling operates under a 'user pays' principle for funding, and in accordance with the benefits accruing to property owners identified in the ERA report, its contribution is fully recovered from the owners of properties that benefit from the underground power works.

Please note that the successor program to the original SUPP, which concluded on the completion of existing Round 5 SUPP projects, is substantially different even though it is offered as Round 6.  This successor program is based on differing system reliability criteria and has a competitive bidding element that provides a higher score to LGAs that offer a greater than 50% contribution.

Previous projects in the City of Stirling

The State Underground Power Program (SUPP) commenced in 1996 and was administered in rounds of approximately 3 years duration.

The City of Stirling made submissions for all rounds of the program and was awarded projects in the following rounds:

  • Round 1: Woodlands and part of Doubleview were completed as a Major Residential Project (MRP)
  • Round 2: The Scarborough Beach precinct was designated as a Localised Enhancement Project (LEP) and the Mt Lawley precinct as an MRP
  • Round 3, Churchlands and Wembley Downs had the work completed in 2 years as an MRP
  • Round 4: The Balcatta project was awarded by the SUPP steering committee, however support from public consultation in the affected area was low and the City could not proceed to Council mandate for inclusion in the scheme
  • Round 5: Coolbinia project was selected for inclusion in the SUPP as an MRP and was completed in January 2015.

Future projects in the City of Stirling

In December 2015 the Public Utilities Office released guideline details for local governments to participate in Round  6 of the State Underground Power program. A significant difference to the previous rounds is; that LGAs are required to nominate the proportion of project contribution level likely to be acceptable to the community. Under the new proposals, although the minimum contribution from local governments remains 50%, this now carries a zero score while project proposals offering a greater contribution share will receive a higher score in the selection process and be more competitive.

A copy of the Minutes from a Report (item 10.3/ED2) to Council on 1 March 2016 can be downloaded from the City's website here: Council Minutes 1 March 2016 (item 10.3/ED2).

In accordance with the Council resolution, the City put forward Expressions of Interest for three projects in Round  6 for consideration by the SUPP Steering Committee.  These projects were:

  • Menora
  • Trigg
  • North Beach.

Menora and Trigg were successful in progressing to the next stage, however North Beach was unsuccessful.  As a result, the Public Utilities Office undertook a formal public consultation for both Menora and Trigg.

On 1 February 2017, the City received notification from the Minister for Energy that the SUPP Steering Committee had approved both Menora and Trigg to progress to the 'Detailed Proposal Stage'.  Subject to detailed design and contract, it is likely that Menora may commence in late 2018 to early 2019, with Trigg likely to follow in late 2019.  A plan for each of the prospective projects, showing the current project area and participating properties, is available below.

Menora is now fully designed and tendered by Western Power who currently anticipates starting construction works in late 2018 to early 2019.  Prior to the start date the City will be mailing out a ‘Project Start Up Newsletter’ on behalf of Western Power to all property owners in the SUPP which will also be uploaded to this webpage.  Further quarterly Newsletter updates will be uploaded and only be available from this webpage, however, property owners may apply in writing for a hard copy to be sent by mail.

    How can I apply for information on future projects in the City of Stirling?

    Should you require further information on the SUPP, the City advises that this is a matter for the State Government and that additional queries should be addressed through: