Western Power Network Renewal Underground Pilot Program

This page provides information on the Western Powers Network Renewal Underground Program Pilot (NRUPP).

The Network Renewal Underground Program Pilot is a project led by Western Power which operates differently to State Underground Power Program (SUPP). As the Pilot Program is led by Western Power the City can only provide information that is general in nature and any questions should be directed to Western Power. The selection criteria was based on Western Powers network renewal requirements and no formal survey of community support was conducted.

Participation of Local Government Agencies is still required for the operational cost recovery process and infrastructure location consultation.

NRUPP was introduced to review overhead power infrastructure that was at or close to its end of life and see if the undergrounding would be a cost effective alternative to replacing the old overhead with new overhead. A number of locations were reviewed and four locations were selected: Scarborough, Eden Hill, St James and Hilton. These will be the pilot areas to see if the Program is an appropriate option versus the replacing like for like with Overhead infrastructure.

As this pilot program operates differently from SUPP, a memorandum of understanding will be signed by the City and Western Power which outlines the intention of both parties. As with SUPP there is no option for individuals to opt out of the funding of the pilot programs and all property owners will be required to contribute in similar fashion to a SUPP. Unlike the SUPP program there will only be a connection charge payable by the property owner and the Network cost is being covered by Western Power making this a low cost option for property owners.

For more information on NRUPP, visit the Western Power website. or read the Minister of Energy Media statement on new funding option for underground power.