Menora Underground Power Project

This page contains information about the Menora Underground Power Project including frequently asked questions and consultation information. 

On February 2017 Minister of Energy advised that Menora was one of two round 6 locations given approval by the SUPP Steering Committee. Work was scheduled to start in January 2019 with a completion date of February 2020. The last pole removed from the Menora area on 20 February 2020 with completion to take place approximately 12 months from this date.

As part of the process the State Government department responsible for overseeing the SUPP program (currently Energy Policy WA) issued a Survey Letter package in August 2016 requesting property owners indicate their support for such a program in their location. The survey was completed by the property owners and these were then collated by an independent survey company. The survey results were provided to the State Government department (Energy Policy WA) where the results were inputted into a model that takes into account a number of factors including the risk of the current infrastructure failing.

The City in round 6 was given the opportunity to increase the community contribution percentage to gain extra points for the weighting  of the results with a minimum of 50% required, the City selected 60% based on the expected community support and as approved by Council. The City was then formally advised which limited projects were selected by the Steering Committee and proceeded to work on the required actions as per the round guidelines.

Western Power will supply the City with a summary of works conducted and the actual cost of the project. The City will work through this documentation and review if there are any funds available when the estimated project cost is compared to the actual project cost. The City will then allocate any excess funds to be reimbursed to the property owners; this will take into account property owners that have paid the full amount versus those on payment plans.

The City will be in contact as to the options available to the area as per the "Local Government Act 1995".


Would all the old overhead lines and poles be removed?

All the distribution lines in the project area will be removed but this would not occur in some areas until late in the project. Some parts of the overhead system cannot be turned off until all properties have been changed to the new underground system.

However, there is a Western Power transmission line on Bradford Street and Learoyd Street that will not be removed.

Why has it taken so long for the project to start?

The project was part of a larger bundle of areas that were to be completed in this round of SUPP. Menora was the first area for Round 6 of the SUPP program followed by the Trigg project area.

Why was there such a gap between communications about the project?

The public consultation survey was undertaken by the Public Utilities Office (now part of the Energy Policy WA department) in August 2016. The survey gave property owners the opportunity to vote yes or no and also provided an indicative cost of each property owner for their consideration plus other associated information.

The City relies on Western Power for a majority of information to be communicated to the property owners and both parties are working together to improve the process further. As information has come available it has been passed onto associated parties and this will continue at each milestone of the project.