Stephenson Ave ramp realignment

12 September 2022

The Stephenson Avenue Extension will provide a new connection from Scarborough Beach Road to Cedric Street, including a new grade-separated interchange with the Mitchell Freeway to replace the existing Cedric Street interchange, and local road links to Ellen Stirling Boulevard.

The project will be constructing temporary Mitchell Freeway on and off-ramps for the Cedric Street interchange. Construction of the temporary ramps are expected to be completed in the following months and Main Roads will advise on timings as we get closer to the date.

The temporary southbound on and off-ramps will be used for approximately 9 months. The temporary northbound off-ramp will be used for approximately 15 months.

The existing northbound on-ramp will not change.

Details of the traffic movement on the temporary ramps include:

Temporary new alignment of the Mitchell Freeway southbound off-ramp to Cedric Street

  • Use the current Cedric Street off-ramp (after Karrinyup Road)
  • Follow the off-ramp around the Stirling Station car park
  • Connect to Cedric Street using the existing signalised intersection
  • Route marked in blue in the map below.

Temporary new alignment of the Mitchell Freeway southbound on-ramp from Cedric Street

  • Access the entry on-ramp via the existing signalised intersection on Cedric Street, adjacent to Stirling Station car park.
  • Follow the on-ramp loop around the Stirling Station northern car park to connect with the Mitchell Freeway southbound.
  • Route marked in green in the map below. 

Temporary new alignment of the Mitchell Freeway northbound off-ramp to Cedric Street

  • A new access the off-ramp will be constructed 200 metre north of the current Mitchell Freeway northbound off- ramp.
  • The intersection at Cedric Street remains unchanged.
  • Route marked in yellow in the map below.

Further information
To stay up to date with the project, subscribe to email notifications via the Main Roads project webpage at

MRWA also have a 24/7 project information line that can be contacted on 138 138 or email

There are currently other construction works occurring on the Mitchell Freeway southbound that may impact you. For more information, please visit Smart Freeway.

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