Libraries Strategy and action plans approved

17 November 2022

The Stirling Libraries Strategy 2022-2027 and associated action plans will lay the foundations to ensure the City’s libraries remain relevant and connected with their communities, and continue to provide facilities and services that meet current and future community needs.

Council has also endorsed a 12-month trial of a ‘Talk to a Planner’ service and lodgement kiosk at Inglewood Library. The concept came from a notice of motion from Councillor Joe Ferrante and will provide convenient advice for residents.

In July, the City of Stirling released its draft Libraries Strategy for public consultation and received significant and valuable feedback – over 500 responses to the online survey – which centred around improvements to service delivery and collections, increased access to services and information, and building upgrades.

Mayor Mark Irwin said Council adopting this strategy and noting progress on draft action plans would ensure the City remained at the forefront of service delivery.

“In our updated Strategic Community Plan, Sustainable Stirling 2022-2032, Council has adopted a new vision to be a sustainable City with a local focus,” he said.

“Given the fundamental role of libraries in connecting communities with their local areas, providing access to services and creating welcoming places, the Stirling Libraries Strategy 2022-2027 will play a key role in achieving that vision.

“Public libraries are highly valued community assets that are constantly evolving; the WA Public Libraries Strategy 2022-2026 states that every dollar invested returns more than $4 in public benefit.

“In an age when screen time often takes priority over books, the City is committed to ensuring physical libraries remain at the heart our local community whilst also innovating through the provision of digital services and access to a broad range of City services.”

The Stirling Libraries Strategy 2022-2027 incorporates global public library trends and best practice, as well as place-based community development principles, concentrating on three strategic community-focused areas:

  • Connecting People: Creatively connecting people, information and knowledge
  • Contemporary Places: Libraries recognised as valued places and place-makers with community-led design
  • Community History: Curate a diverse cultural offer which celebrates the history of the City of Stirling.

The associated action plans identify short and medium-term actions to be taken over the next five years, listed against the three key focus areas of the Stirling Libraries Strategy.

Importantly, the City will undertake detailed service planning for key libraries not currently co-located with community and/or commercial infrastructure – especially at Dianella and Karrinyup. This will ensure delivery of contemporary multi-purpose, co-located libraries that better reflect evolving community needs.

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