Improvements to pedestrian safety in Inglewood

29 June 2022

The City of Stirling and Main Roads WA are pleased to announce that safety improvements at the signalised pedestrian crossing on Beaufort Street (near Ninth Avenue) are complete.

The Inglewood community raised concerns about vehicles failing to stop on a red light through an e-petition submitted to the Inglewood Ward Councillors Bianca Sandri and David Lagan in November 2020. The City shares residents’ concerns around illegal driver behaviour and has taken steps to improve pedestrian safety.

This joint project has involved vegetation pruning to improve sight lines, relocation of the stop lines further from the crossing and improvements to advanced warning signs. When combined with the 40 km/h variable speed limit in place on Beaufort Street, this will improve opportunities for pedestrians to cross the road near Inglewood Town Square and local businesses.

Despite these works, distracted driving remains a serious road safety concern and pedestrians are encouraged to check the speed of approaching vehicles before crossing, even in cases where they have the legal right of way.


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