Sustainable Stirling 2022-32

06 July 2022

The City of Stirling’s new Strategic Community Plan has highlighted the importance of environmental sustainability and local areas following a major review of the City’s vision, outcomes and priorities for the next 10 years.

Under the State Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Guidelines, local governments must conduct a major review of their long-term plans every four years.

As part of its major review, the City actively engaged more than 2,000 people during a comprehensive community consultation that offered a range of opportunities for the community to shape the City’s future activities. Two key emerging priorities were identified during this process; support for the City to drive further environmental sustainability and for the City to support local areas to thrive.

Mayor Mark Irwin said it was really important that the City listened to this feedback and to turn these priorities into action.

“People in our community were consulted across websites, social media, events, flyers, newsletters, media announcements, emails and surveys. We launched kiosks in shopping centres, feedback stations in libraries, and sent teams of staff members to listen to people at events.

“As a Council we’ve heard what our community has to say, these messages were very clear, and we understand that these priorities are really important. As a result, we’ve decided to change the City’s vision for the first time since 2013, and I feel that this will set us in good stead to deliver some great outcomes.”

The new plan, titled Sustainable Stirling 2022-2032, outlines an ambitious and achievable vision to be ‘a sustainable City with a local focus’.

New strategic objectives have been included to Sustainable Stirling 2022-2032 to deliver this vision, to help grow activity and vibrancy in local areas and increase effort in the sustainability of our natural environment with four new outcome areas.

To improve overall sustainability, the City of Stirling has also aligned its priorities to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and will introduce new reporting requirements to track performance against these.

Mayor Mark Irwin said whilst the City had based these objectives on feedback from our local community and Council priorities, alignment to these broader goals would help the City focus its efforts on the areas where we can have the most impact.

“We’ll use these indicators to track our performance, learn from others and measure our success so that the City of Stirling can make a positive contribution towards Australia’s global commitment,” he said.

The City of Stirling has become more actively committed to developing and improving its Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework to ensure delivery of the community’s aspirations across all key result areas.

The City’s new Strategic Community Plan – Sustainable Stirling 2022-2032 – guides the recently adopted Corporate Business Plan 2022-2026 which is funded by the City’s 2022/23 Annual Budget.

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