New Corporate Plan and balanced budget for 2022/23

06 July 2022

The City of Stirling has adopted a revised Corporate Business Plan (CBP) 2022-2026 and annual budget for 2022/23 which is balanced, debt-free and designed to chart a path for success in the delivery of the City’s new vision into the future.

An increase in the average rate of 3.75 per cent is one of the lowest across metropolitan local governments and follows a 0.9 per cent increase over the past two financial years. The City’s responsible budget seeks to rebuild the reserves used to support our community during COVID-19, while still supporting the delivery of key services and projects that will benefit the community.

Council’s intention is to absorb the higher costs of delivering services and projects and avoid passing on the full impact of that to ratepayers, which we hope will blunt the harshest impacts of the current cost of living crisis at the same time as sustainably correcting the City’s budgetary position to a more ‘normal’ place after several years of stimulus.

Mayor Mark Irwin said Council had made a significant effort this year to identify ways to keep the increase to ratepayers as low as possible, but that an increase was unavoidable for the City to maintain current service levels.

“We have carefully reviewed our plan and budget to ensure we can deliver those critical services and key projects our community expects. However, with inflation predicted to be much higher and following two years with little to no rate increases, we have made a modest adjustment to our rates this year to ensure our operations remain sustainable.”

This rate increase will equate to an average of $42 above the previous year’s rates and remains one of the lowest rating increases in the metropolitan area. At $893, the City’s minimum rate amount also remains competitive with other local governments.

Mayor Mark Irwin said it was the City’s solid financial position and debt free status that allowed Council to keep rates low, despite the 7.6 per cent state inflation rate and building cost increases of 14.5 per cent.

“We have made some tough decisions to make sure we do the right thing by our ratepayers and keep increases to a minimum.

"Major construction projects such as the redevelopment of the Recycling Centre Balcatta and the Hamersley Public Golf Course have been put on hold while the cost of building and construction continues to rise. We will continue to review and adjust our approach to capital works so we can deliver better value for money for our ratepayers and community in the midst of inflated construction costs.”

During 2022/23, the City will fund the maintenance and improvement of its infrastructure. This includes:

  • $18.6 million on roads, drainage and footpaths
  • $2.9 million on rights of way
  • $19.2 million of capital building works
  • $12.9 million on parks and reserves.

There are a number of major projects in the pipeline next financial year including:

  • $3.7 million for Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre outdoor pool redevelopment
  • $950,000 for the renewal of the North Beach Soccer Club – funded through the Federal Government’s Local Roads Community Infrastructure program (LRCI)
  • $940,382 for the design and construction of a new facility for the Carine Cats Ball Club (with $300,000 provided by the Federal Government)
  • $700,000 in drainage works for Weaponess Road – highlighted for priority following severe storm and flood damage in 2021
  • $600,000 for additional solar panel installations as part of the City’s Solar Escalation Program to bring investments in line with achieving our 2030 renewable energy targets.

The City will also invest in a range of other projects to support the community and create a sustainable future. These include support for homelessness, public art projects, and a plan for community infrastructure in the Stirling City Centre.

For the first time in several years, the Security Charge will increase by $5 to attract and retain high performing staff, increase foot and vehicle patrols and enable investment in CCTV towers to enhance community safety across the City.

Grants will be provided to support business innovation and sponsorship for major events to attract visitors and create activity in our local centres.

“The Corporate Business Plan 2022-2026 and the 2022/23 Budget maps out how the City will achieve the vision and priorities set out in the new Strategic Community Plan and will ensure that we create a bright future for everyone living, working and enjoying the City of Stirling – the City of Choice.”

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