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Improved local links with Stephenson Avenue Extension

16 February 2022

The much-awaited Stephenson Avenue Extension project will deliver improved connections for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists in the Stirling City Centre.

Phase 1 of the works included the extension of Stephenson Avenue from Scarborough Beach Road including new roads Oswald Street and Howe Street and is now fully complete.

A partial opening of Phase 1 from Scarborough Beach Road to Oswald Street was delivered ahead of Christmas, with final works complete on the remaining section of Stephenson Avenue up to and including the Howe Street intersection this week.

Phase 1 of the project, delivered by the City of Stirling, has seen Stephenson Avenue extended north of Scarborough Beach Road as a four-lane street with:

  • a new shared path for pedestrians and cyclists
  • landscaping with 187 new trees
  • new lighting
  • new pavement and tie-ins to Ellen Stirling Boulevard
  • artist-designed seating
  • 52 on-street parking bays
  • two new signalised intersections at Oswald Street (extension of existing road) and Howe Street (new road).

With a focus on creating an environment that provides increased access and amenity for all road users, both Oswald and Howe Street intersections are raised plateaus, in what is understood to be the first of their kind in Perth. The raised plateaus are red to encourage a low-speed crossing.

Delivering increased public amenity, bespoke public seating has been installed near the pedestrian thoroughfare on the western side of the two new intersections of Stephenson Avenue and Oswald and Howe Streets.

The aluminium seating was designed by award-winning Noongar artist Peter Farmer and artist and designer Jason Hirst, with FORM assisting the City of Stirling to manage and deliver the seating.

Created under four different themes (Noongar (people), Keip (water), Bidis (journey tracks) and Kaarl (fire)), each seat is accompanied by text in Nyoongar and English. Together, they highlight the importance of connection to the land while providing functional seating and enhanced public amenity.

The completion of Phase 1 will result in changes to key intersections for motorists:

  • Motorists coming from Herdsman or Osborne Park can now use the new Stephenson Avenue Extension to access the freeway, IKEA and Innaloo shopping centres (use of Oswald Street/Ellen Stirling Boulevard is recommended as it is a signalised intersection, whereas the Howe Street/Ellen Stirling Boulevard intersection is under a Give Way sign).
  • Motorists exiting the freeway towards Ellen Stirling Boulevard can now turn left onto the new Stephenson Avenue Extension to access Osborne Park or Herdsman. They can still use Ellen Stirling Boulevard to reach Innaloo shopping centres and to travel to Scarborough.
  • Motorists coming from Scarborough can still access the freeway, IKEA, and Innaloo shopping centres as usual by turning left on Ellen Stirling Boulevard.

Temporary traffic management is in place at the Howe Street intersection and the City will monitor use of the road network while Phase 2 is being delivered by Main Roads (construction starting soon).

Mayor Mark Irwin said completion of Phase 1 was an exciting milestone that brought the City closer to its vision for Stirling City Centre to become a vibrant, well connected, mixed-use activity centre.

“Stephenson Avenue Extension has long been an important part of our big bold vision for the Stirling City Centre to become Perth’s second CBD and not only has the opening of Phase 1 delivered increased public amenity for pedestrians, residents and workers, it has also future proofed this precinct to ensure future developments are supported by a functional and attractive public realm,” he said.

“The extension of Stephenson Avenue will help to realise our long-held vision; unlocking 55ha of land for development and remediation and facilitating the delivery of mid-tier transport solutions along Scarborough Beach Road in future.

“While the benefits of the project will only be fully realised once Phase 2 is complete, the opening of this new section of road creates an environment with increased access and amenity for all road users – including pedestrians and cyclists – as well as bespoke seating that pays homage to the cultural significance of this land.”

The Stephenson Avenue Extension project has been jointly funded by the Western Australian Government ($82.5 million) and the Australian Government ($82.5 million).

Read more about the Stephenson Avenue Extension project by visiting the City of Stirling website and the Main Roads WA website, where you can subscribe for updates on Phase 2.

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