Works underway to Mettams Pool main ramp

22 September 2021

The City of Stirling is addressing the impacts of localised coastal erosion at Mettams Pool, with works now underway for the construction of the main access ramp edge protection.
Contractor Natural Area Holdings Pty Ltd has begun installation of geotextile sand containers (GSCs) to support the ramp leading from the parking area down to the coastline at Mettams Pool, with several bays being closed at Saunders Street carpark to enable the delivery of materials.
Classified as soft engineered structures, GSCs provide a useable public amenity along with a structure that has the benefit of absorbing wave action. The contractor has extensive experience working on environmentally sensitive water bodies such as rivers and coastlines, and has previously completed coastal works for the City of Stirling at North Beach and Hamersley Pool.
Mayor Mark Irwin said the objectives of the works were to protect the infrastructure, improve the amenity and beach access, and minimise the localised impacts of coastal erosion.
“Following damaging storms earlier this year, with significant loss of beach sand and erosion undermining the ramp, the City was faced with two options,” he said.
“One was to remove the ramp – which would also remove storm protection from the changing rooms –while the other was to replace or repair the ramp. The City has elected to retain and repair the ramp, as this provides the best option to retain direct access to the beach whilst also enhancing the protection to Mettams Pool and the changing rooms and viewing deck.”
Works commenced Tuesday 21 September, with site fencing erected to the work area around the ramp and storage compound for the anticipated six-week duration of works.
In order to provide material storage and plant access, 14 bays in the southern section of the Saunders Street carpark will be closed, however the remaining parking and beach access steps will be kept open (see attachment 1). There will some movements along the beach between the carpark and work area, however, this is not expected to significantly impact public beach use.
The coastal shared path along West Coast Highway will remain open for pedestrians and cyclists, except for during concrete pumping as part of the works. The ACROD bays adjacent to the ramp access will be closed to allow for contractor site access.
Following Scarborough MLA Stuart Aubrey’s election commitment, the project is  being funded by a $220,000 grant from the State Government’s Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions under the ‘Small Grants Program’.

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