Council recommends second refusal to Karrinyup West

06 September 2021

The City of Stirling Council has recommended for a second time that the Karrinyup West development be refused by the Metro Inner-North Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP).

The City’s initial Responsible Authority Report (RAR) was considered by the JDAP at its meeting held 31 May 2021. The application was deferred to allow the applicant to provide further information to the panel in relation to interface with Burroughs Road and the Karrinyup Regional Centre boundary; the proposed plot ratio, bulk and scale, and height; traffic movement and access; and community benefit.
The applicant’s revised submission did not include any change to the building heights, which remain at nine, 15 and 24 storeys, and therefore was not formally readvertised – although the City did advertise the revised submission on our website.
Mayor Mark Irwin said the height, bulk and scale of the development was not compatible with its setting and has a significant negative impact on the amenity of the locality.
“The City of Stirling is not anti-development, but it does not support the overdevelopment of this site in a way that is lacking in orderly and proper planning,” he said.
“We cannot be any clearer; this development is not suitable for the site. The applicant’s revised submission includes minor changes only and they do not address the City’s previous reasons for refusal.
“The height, bulk and scale of the proposed development is not consistent with orderly and proper planning, as this is a significant development proposed in the absence of an adopted Activity Centre Plan, Precinct Structure Plan or Local Development Plan that would guide the vision for this Secondary Centre.
“The traffic modelling does not accurately determine whether or not the traffic generated by the development will not have an adverse impact on the surrounding road network.
“And finally, the proposed vehicle access and parking arrangements are not sufficient to provide for safe and convenient access to the site for residents and visitors, or pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles using Burroughs Road.”
Council also endorsed Councillor Karen Caddy to make a deputation request on behalf of the Council at the JDAP meeting on 23 September 2021 at 9.00 am at the City of Stirling to reiterate Council’s position directly.

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