New Quenda Bungalows in Dianella

12 October 2021

A partnership between the City of Stirling, the Stirling Community Men’s Shed and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions has seen the installation of 11 new Quenda Bungalows in Dianella.
Cottonwood Bushland Reserve has been restored in recent years and serves as an ideal site for the reintroduction of quendas, a species of bandicoot endemic to the Perth area.
Made from wooden pallets and chicken wire by members of the Stirling Men’s Shed, the bungalows aim to aid quendas to survive predators by providing a place to shelter.
The bungalows were installed in mid-September, with a total of 21 quendas later released into the Dianella area to help increase the population and chance of survival of the local native species.
Mayor Mark Irwin said the Quenda Bungalows came about after the City identified a need to aid the habitat for these native animals.
“The Quenda Bungalows are one of the many conservation efforts the City undertakes and by installing these, we hope to aid their survival from predators, which can include foxes, dogs and cats,” he said.
“Using two wildlife cameras, we will monitor the bungalows to observe their use and – hopefully – their success. The City has a Quenda Recovery Program which works in conjunction with our feral animal control programs, so we hope to see an increase in quenda presence and activity.
“To help provide their best chance of survival, the community is encouraged to keep their dogs on a leash and contain cats indoors where possible, near quenda habitat areas, and to avoid feeding quendas, as this can lead to obesity and related diseases and health issues.”
Quendas are a Priority 4 species in Western Australia and are protected under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. Plants and animals that are conservation dependent require an ongoing active management to ensure their preservation. 
There are several other quenda habitat areas in the City of Stirling, including Star Swamp Reserve in North Beach, Trigg Bushland and Dianella Regional Open Space.

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