Net zero emissions by 2050 and 100 per cent renewables by 2030

17 May 2021

The City of Stirling Council has voted unanimously to endorse the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (2020-2030), committing the City to achieving 100 per cent renewable electricity supply by 2030 and a 70 per cent carbon emissions reduction target by 2030.1

Community consultation on the draft plan included a survey, FAQs and Q&A and during the consultation period, 511 people visited the ‘Your Say’ project page and 80 submissions were received.

The survey of residents showed overwhelming support for energy and emissions targets:

  • 91 per cent agreed that the City should set a renewable energy target, and 92 per cent supported the proposed ‘100 per cent renewable electricity target by 2030’
  • 94 per cent agreed that the City should set a carbon emissions reduction target, and 81 per cent supported the proposed ‘70 per cent carbon emissions reduction target by 2030’.

Within the Sustainable Energy Action Plan the City affirmed its commitment to achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050 in line with the Paris Agreement, citing research Climateworks Australia has done on Australia’s 57 largest local governments that showed 58 per cent have committed to the 2050 target.

Council also endorsed the development of a detailed business case with funding options for the escalation of the City’s solar program and options in relation to wind energy.

Initial analysis conducted by the City indicated that by escalating solar installations and completing them by 2025, the City could achieve an additional $5.74 million in energy cost savings when compared to completing installations by 2030.

The analysis showed the City would achieve greater total savings as it would have more time to realise energy cost savings over the 10-year period, investing more funds up front to achieve greater energy cost savings over the longer-term.

Mayor Mark Irwin said that in line with an earlier Council-endorsed motion to establish a mechanism allowing increasingly ambitious key carbon emission targets, the Sustainable Energy Action Plan included a documented 2025 review point with specific key performance indicators set at 50 per cent renewable electricity demand and 35 per cent carbon emissions reductions.

“The world is investing in clean, green, emissions-free energy technology, and the pace of change requires all organisations committed to doing their part to address climate change to review their plans regularly in the light of new technologies, targets and science,” he said.

“We’ve also made clear in this action plan that these targets represent a minimum achievement acceptable, and we have clearly articulated that if the City can achieve these targets earlier in a cost-effective manner, it will do that as a priority.”

More information about the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (Corporate) is available on the City’s Your Say Stirling project page

[1] from a 2019/2020 baseline.

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