City of Stirling community rebuilding after storm damage

22 July 2021

Recent storm damage across the Perth metropolitan area has affected the City of Stirling community like so many others, and the City is proud of the work of its own emergency response employees and the Stirling State Emergency Services (SES) for once again responding to community need.

Water Corporation this month described the rainfall in a statement as ‘exceptional stormwater inflows’, with some areas receiving ‘a once-in-100-year’ levels of rain.

Residents in the suburbs of Scarborough, Doubleview, Wembley Downs, Woodlands and Churchlands were affected by flooding due to the excessive amount of rainfall and runoff that occurred on Friday 9 July, and over the following weekend.

City of Stirling Infrastructure Director Michael Littleton said that City’s drainage teams, the SES and the community had once again worked tirelessly to support efforts to mitigate damage.

“On Sunday 11 July, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) organised for a sandbagging service to be conducted at Butlers Reserve for members of the community in preparation of another storm forecast for the next day,” he said.

“Stirling SES had been in operation since the Friday 4 July storm, but they were stood down to get some very well-deserved rest and to prepare for the inclement weather forecast for Monday. DFES arranged for members of the Serpentine Jarrahdale SES to attend and fill sandbags for residents from 9.00am until about 2.00pm.

“The City of Stirling was asked to provide sand to fill the sandbags, which proved very successful as the sand ran out at around 11.30am. Luckily though, City employees were able to provide more sand which was delivered around 12.30pm.”

Earlier that week, City employees were onsite at Butlers Reserve at the Wembley Downs Soccer Club to ensure the building was safe from an electrical perspective and to dry and professionally clean floors after rain had entered the building from the storm event on Sunday 4 July. Unfortunately, the building was again flooded after the storm event on Friday 9 July, which meant that games had to be relocated. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to work through these drainage issues.

“With the first instance of rain on Sunday 4 July, the City’s Drainage Maintenance Team responded to 10 callouts overnight, a further 20 from the event of 9 July, and we are aware that the Stirling SES responded to 35 callouts during the same period,” Mr Littleton said.

“City staff joined members of the community to respond to over 150 flooding work requests at properties, and created and delivered approximately 1,000 sandbags.

“I’d like to thank all members of the community, the SES volunteers, as well as City employees from engineering, facilities projects and assets, communications, technical officers and drivers who made the joint response possible.”

The City would also like to say a heartfelt thank you to a dedicated community member who spent two hours on Sunday 11 July clearing a fallen tree at Copper Close and Chelmorton Loop near Carine Primary School. The man, who was reportedly with his young son at the time, removed the hazard while workers responded to priority callouts during the very busy weekend. It is a true reflection of our community spirit and of helping others – well done!

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