More options for markets to operate in the City

07 January 2021

There are now more opportunities for markets to operate across the City of Stirling after recent changes to the planning scheme.

In 2018, Council called for a review to identify where markets should be allowed to operate.
With markets restricted to operating in a limited number of zones at that time, a follow-up report proposed changes to allow markets to trade in a greater range of zones across the City.

To implement the proposed changes, Scheme Amendment No. 108 and Local Planning Policy 6.13 – Markets – Exemption from Development Approval were advertised to the community. The bulk of the submissions received were supportive of the proposal.

Scheme Amendment No. 108 was then referred to the Minister for Planning for consideration and final approval was granted in September 2020.

The changes now enable markets to operate on land zoned Business, Hotel, Industry and Private Institution.

Mayor Mark Irwin said the zoning changes were great news for the community as they provided residents and visitors with the possibility to socialise at more small-scale markets as well as support local traders.
“The zoning changes are another way we can help add more vibrancy to the City and make it easier for smaller operators to connect with the community,” Mayor Irwin said.

“We already have several popular year-round and seasonal markets operating in the City, and the changes make it easier for more small-scale markets to take shape and provide new entertainment and shopping destinations.”

The recent changes enable markets to operate without development approval if certain requirements are met. These conditions include a requirement for the market to operate no more than one day per week and have a maximum of 30 stallholders.

A complete list of the requirements that need to be met to operate a market without development approval is available via the City's website.

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