Poll Open - Name the Parkland

25 May 2020

The name Princess Wallington Reserve has only been in place since 17 November 2006 and prior to this it was known as Brian Burke Reserve. The name Princess Wallington refers to the two streets on which it is located.

The City is proposing to rename the parkland (not the whole reserve) to a local Nyoongar name and would like you to be involved in choosing this name. The City has engaged with local schools and the community on potential names for the area and these have been shortlisted down to three:

  • ‘Bina Parkland’: Bina means ‘light of the morning’
  • 'Djirap-Wongin Parkland’: Djirap-Wongin means ‘grass & trees’
  • Benang Bidee Parkland: This means ‘the path of tomorrow’ or ‘the journey and growth of our future leaders’.

A reply paid voting letter has also been sent out to all Balga suburb residents. The name with the most votes will win and the parkland will take on this name prior to the official opening. The school or organisation that provided the name will be acknowledged at the opening ceremony.

To cast your vote, visit the Princess Wallington Community Parkland page.

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