Sustainable Energy Action Plan out for comment

08 June 2020

The City of Stirling has set its sights on sourcing 100 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources in the next 10 years under an ambitious plan released for comment. 

The Sustainable Energy Action Plan also sets the City a target to reduce its carbon emissions by 70 per cent within the same period.

Significant changes to behaviour, maintenance and monitoring will ensure the City is well placed to achieve those targets, demonstrating its leadership role in a renewable energy future and to combat climate change. 

Mayor Mark Irwin said the City’s key priority was to reduce the consumption of grid-powered electricity on City infrastructure or replace it with renewable sources.

“We know that taking this type of action in City-owned buildings will decrease carbon emissions,” Mayor Irwin said.

“Our targets are ambitious but by setting ourselves these important milestones in a time-bound action plan, we’re making the City accountable to the community. We also aim to review the plan every three years to determine whether actions need to be reprioritised.”

Under the new plan, the City would commit to annual reporting on actions and energy consumption, carbon emissions and renewable energy production.

Some of the actions outlined in the plan include:

  • Increasing energy efficiency with monitoring systems to switch off energy sources when not in use
  • Increase the amount of energy provided by renewable sources, like Solar Photovoltaic (PV), and purchase renewable power though a power purchase agreement from a third party
  • Empower staff to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions through day-to-day operations
  • Improvements to the way we manage data and reporting.

The City’s plan is underpinned by the premise that carbon emission reductions are considered ‘science-based’ if they comply with the Paris Agreements to limit global average temperature increase to below two degrees above the pre-industrial levels. 

The plan is open for community feedback until the 19 June 2020 at

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