Bina Parkland - a new name

27 June 2020

On Tuesday 23 June 2020, Council endorsed the renaming of Princess Wallington Community Parkland to the community voted name ‘Bina Parkland’. Bina means ‘light of the morning’ in the Noongar language. 

Congratulations to Warriapendi Primary School who submitted the winning name.

The idea to rename the Princess Wallington Community Parkland (not the Reserve) with a local Noongar name was initially raised through consultation and received support from the City’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Working Group. Local Balga schools were invited to provide possible names and their meanings.

The name Bina Parkland won with nearly 70% of the votes cast. Other potential names included, 'Djirap-Wongin Parkland’: Djirap Wongin means ‘grass & trees’ and Benang Bidee Parkland: Benang Bidee means ‘the path of tomorrow’ or ‘the journey and growth of our future leaders’

Mayor Mark Irwin said “This is a fitting tribute for the playground and another example of how the City works with the local community to ensure new facilities truly become a community loved asset”

Arterial Design awarded the public artwork

Arterial Design has recently been commissioned to create a series of integrated public artworks as part of the Bina Parkland Project (previously referred to as Princess Wallington Community Parkland). 

Arterial Design have an extensive history in creating unique site specific public artworks and have a multi-disciplinary team located both here in Perth, in the southwest in Margaret River and also in Melbourne. 

The Public Art Working Party, which included Balga Ward Councillors, City Officers from relevant business units, and a community representative voted on the design concepts received and the decision was unanimous.

Arterial Design’s concept aimed to welcome the community to the Bina Parkland. It will acknowledge the traditional owners of the land and the growing multi-cultural fabric of the local communities through the use of multiple languages and scripts gathered through stories. 

Arterial Designs concept includes a number of artworks in the park which invite a journey through the space, using materials, processes and textures and include the following elements:

  • Ground plane artworks (on ground surfaces) representing the six Nyoongar seasons
  • Discovery and interactive artworks (totems)
  • Integrated wall artworks.

Key benefits for the area are:

  • Inclusive for all members of the community
  • Consistent with the surrounding natural and designed environment
  • Sensory or perceptual, interpretive or informative
  • connected by a story or theme to the overarching narrative.

Arterial Design are planning to engage with the local community in developing the integrated designs by gathering responses to local stories through workshops held in the North Balga Primary School.

The artwork is scheduled to be completed by December 2020.

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