City of Stirling and Vincent join forces to activate Beaufort Street

29 May 2019

City of Stirling and City of Vincent will join forces with local town team the Beaufort Street Network (BSN) to activate the length of Beaufort Street.

City of Stirling Mayor Mark Irwin, City of Vincent Mayor Emma Cole, Vincent CEO David MacLennan and BSN Chair Joshua O’Keefe met yesterday to discuss future opportunities to further support local business and attract more people to the area, in the wake of recent closures.

City of Vincent Mayor Emma Cole said the first initiative on the agenda was to implement a joint ‘Vacancy Project’ that would tackle the issue head on.

“We know that street front vacancies and a lack of a diverse mix of offerings on can have a ripple on effect surrounding businesses along Beaufort Street,” Mayor Cole said.

“The idea of the Vacancy Project is to seek the support of landlords to work together to rejuvenate those blank spaces, starting with an interesting mix of pop-ups, and identify viable longer term, more permanent solutions,”

“I am looking forward to working with our neighbours at the City of Stirling to get this project underway and continuing to work with and support Beaufort Street Network to encourage business confidence and bring more people to Beaufort Street.”

City of Stirling Mayor Mark Irwin said while all three parties had been working on projects and initiatives individually, they hoped a planned, joint approach would help bolster results.

“We all acknowledge there is a real need for support here and we are all committed to working together to provide it and help solve this complex problem, together,” Mayor Irwin said

“In addition to the Vacancy Project, the City will also work with Beaufort Street Network to explore extending some of their events and activities through to the Walcott Street end of Beaufort Street to really connect the two ends and make the Beaufort Street experience as seamless as possible,”

“We have also created a draft ‘Footpath Trading and Activation Policy’ which aims to create more vibrant, interesting, liveable and walkable commercial centres by allowing local businesses to activate unused areas such as footpaths through street trading and alfresco dining, which we think will make a significant difference.”

Mayor Cole said the City of Vincent had also created a strategy that would continue to support the area into the future.

“We have earmarked almost $330,000 of funding in our draft 2019/20 budget for actions that will support Beaufort Street,” she said.

“Creative lighting on the Street will be installed by September and a substantial arts and events program is planned in conjunction with the Beaufort Street Network.”

Beaufort Street Network Chair, Josh O’Keefe said the town team would not stop brainstorming, working, talking and acting to limit any further impact on the area.

“We have just endorsed our new ‘Brighter Beaufort Action Plan’ which is jam packed full of activations, events, partnerships, marketing campaigns, artwork ideas and engagement activities with the full spectrum of our demographics,” he said.

“And we will continue to roam the streets of Beaufort Street and talk to as many businesses as we can to help identify the main issues and look at ways to add value to businesses.”

Stirling and Vincent have also collaborated to roll out digital and social marketing campaigns that highlight just how much there is to do on Beaufort Street.

“Stirling’s campaign focusses on Beaufort Street as a destination and really encourages people to spend the day and night on the strip and will be launched on June 10,” Mayor Irwin said.

“This has been designed to complement Vincent’s existing campaign which focusses on all the reasons why you should #lovebeaufortstreet and head there to try some #beaufortstreetbites.

For more information on the work being done to activate Beaufort Street and the area, head to, or

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