Feedback on Careniup Swamp Reserve Management Plan set for Council

01 March 2019

Thank you to all members of the community who provided feedback on the draft Careniup Swamp Reserve Management Plan.

The feedback period ran from 16 October 2018 until 6 December 2018 and during this time the City received more than 100 submissions. All comments received by the City are being collated and summarised.

A report is being prepared for Council on the recommendations from the consultation process and is anticipated to be presented to the Community and Resources Committee on 2 April 2019.

More information about what the City will do with feedback is available in the FAQ section to the right of the page.

All residents that submitted comments to the City will be notified when the plan is to be reported back to Council. The outcomes will also be communicated on this page.

For more information about attending Committee and Council meetings, please visit the City's Council and Committee Meetings page.


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