Students champion sustainability with the Living Green Schools program

02 April 2019

When it comes to rolling out school-based sustainability projects, the Newborough Primary School community is helping lead the way.

Newborough Primary School is one of more than 20 local schools that have signed up to be part of the City of Stirling’s Living Green Schools program during its inaugural year. Amongst its incentives, support services and funding opportunities, the program offers teacher relief funding to allow educators to plan for sustainability studies in the school’s business and operations plan.

Earlier this month, the City awarded Newborough Primary School a Living Green Schools certificate for taking part in the program and other sustainability achievements including a ‘Waste Free Lunches’ program, being a member of the Sustainable Schools Initiative WA and generating clean electricity with rooftop solar panels.

The school also has its own sustainability team known as the ‘Newbie Nature Knights’ where a group of industrious students work on recycling and gardening projects.

After visiting the school, Mayor Mark Irwin said the commitment by the Newborough Primary School community to implementing sustainability projects was inspiring.

“The type of achievements made by Newborough Primary School in sustainability is what the Living Green Schools Program is all about,” Mayor Irwin said. “As well as introducing new initiatives that work to conserve our natural resources, the school’s efforts in sustainability also encourage students to do their bit to be eco-friendly into the future.”

The City’s Councillors are supportive of the Living Green Schools program and have either already visited local participating schools to recognise their efforts or are set to present certificates to sustainability-focused schools later this year.

Available across the City of Stirling, the innovative Living Green Schools program offers schools a series of four levels of participation:

Seed Level - Entry level, beginning the sustainability journey
Sapling Level - Active in some sustainability programs at the school
Tree Level - Sustainability programs running at school for a few years
Canopy Level - Sustainability embedded in business plan, operations plan.

Email or visit for more information about the program.

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