City welcomes push for light rail to Scarborough

04 April 2019

The City of Stirling has welcomed the RAC’s decision to add light rail to their Federal Government Priority list.

The City has long been advocating and planning for light rail to connect Glendalough to Scarborough Beach as part of its Stirling City Centre Project (SSCP).

City of Stirling Mayor Mark Irwin said once the construction of the Stephenson Avenue Extension (the first phase of the project) was complete, light rail could be delivered.

“The plan is for a seven kilometre stretch of light rail to run from Glendalough Train Station (heavy rail interchange point), along Scarborough Beach Road, through to Scarborough Beach,” he said.

“Not only will this relieve congestion, it will help connect commuters and public transport from the City through to the City’s premier tourism destination, Scarborough Beach.”

Light rail has the ability to deliver significant benefits above and beyond other modes of transport including improved reliability and comfort, a 25% boost to patronage (over buses) and a 50% reduction in parking requirements.

Mayor Irwin said the City had also been working closely with Professor Peter Newman from Curtin University and a consortium of other local governments to investigate alternative urban rail options.

“The most promising so far has been Chinese autonomous rail transit - otherwise known as Trackless Trams – as it could be delivered for approximately a tenth of the cost of light rail and has already been trialled in China,” he said.

“We’re currently the only local government within this consortium that is planning ready, with a 15% design and all transport modelling already complete,”

“If successful, this first stage would then facilitate future stages through to Curtin University and be a model for the implementation of this cost effective technology elsewhere in Australia.”

Trackless trams are neither a tram nor a bus, but have rubber wheels and run on streets. They also boast a number benefits such as zero emissions, less impact on roads and effectively links to other transport modes.

“The Stirling City Centre Project and delivery of light rail is the City’s number one priority and we will continue to work with all levels of government to make it a reality.”

For more information on the SCCP or Stephenson Avenue extension projects, please visit

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