Scarborough Beach Pool leading the way in sustainable design

19 November 2018

The City of Stirling’s Scarborough Beach Pool is the first aquatic centre in WA to be awarded a 6 Star Green Star Design and As Built V1.1.

City of Stirling Mayor Mark Irwin said he was thrilled with the award and commended the Council and staff for their vision and commitment to sustainability.

“The project was not given a sustainability target to meet to begin with, so initially we targeted it at a 5 star certification – Australian Excellence – level,” Mayor Irwin said.

“However, after a design review the City made the decision to target the project at a level which demonstrates international leadership in sustainable design. “

Mayor Irwin said the finished project had a projected carbon footprint of less than 40% of a typical aquatic centre, thanks to its innovative sustainable design features.

“The pool uses rainwater for pool top up and filter cleaning, has a geothermal bore to heat the pool year round, and uses water from the pool to keep the facility and surrounding offices cool via the air conditioning system in summer,” he said.

An electrical vehicle charger has also been installed in the upper south car park near the pool and is available for everyone to use.

“Overall, the features are expected to significantly reduce operational costs and save more than 3,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions each year , which is enough to offset the emissions of driving around the world 400 times.”

This latest award is the fourth for the Scarborough Beach Pool project and design.

Green Building Council of Australia Chief Executive Officer Romilly Madew congratulated the City of Stirling on their commitment to sustainability.

“This project demonstrates that green building extends well beyond office blocks and residential towers,” Ms Madew said.

“Building world-leading, sustainable community infrastructure, like Scarborough Beach Pool is exactly the type of forward thinking required right across the spectrum of the built environment,”

“As Scarborough Beach Pool shows, doing the right thing environmentally also delivers significant cost savings.”

For more information on the 6 Star Rating and As Built V1.1 awards, please check out this link.

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