This page provides information about the City's of Stirling's ePetitions.

Petitions allow the community to bring matters of concern to the City of Stirling's attention
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ePetition - FAQs

Can the lead petitioner sign their own petition?


Can the address of the lead petitioner or those who sign be a PO Box address?

PO Box addresses cannot be accepted as only electors of the City are able to submit/sign petitions and this cannot be verified through a PO Box address. Only valid full addresses within the City of Stirling's boundaries will be accepted.

Can the address of the lead petitioner or those who sign be a business address?

Business addresses can only be accepted if you are the ratepayer/owner of that property. 

Can there be more than one lead petitioner?

No, as the City requires a single point of contact for the ePetition.

Can a paper petition and an ePetition with the same wording run concurrently?

Yes, however people can only sign either the ePetition or the paper petition - not both. The paper petition and ePetition are also required to be submitted at the same time to be counted as one.

Can the wording of an ePetition be changed once submitted on the City’s website?

No. If the wording is required to be changed the ePetition would need to be withdrawn and a new ePetition submitted. 

How do I withdraw an ePetition?

Requests to have an ePetition withdrawn can be made by the lead petitioner and must be made in writing.

Can the closing date of an ePetition be extended?

No. Once the ePetition has been submitted the closing date cannot be extended. 

Can two ePetitions of the same wording be active simultaneously?

No. Only one ePetition of the same wording can be active at any one time.

Can people under 18 years of age sign an ePetition?

No. Only electors of the City can sign an ePetition and therefore must be 18 years or older.

If I sign an ePetition, are my details publicly available?

Initials and the suburb of electors who sign an ePetition will be available on the City’s website.

Can I remove my signature from an ePetition after I have signed?

City officers can remove your signature after you have signed if requested in writing.

How can I share my ePetition?

You can share your petition on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and via email by using the ‘Share this petition’ option on the petition page, or by copying the URL and pasting it on your desired platform.