Voting in elections

In order to vote in council elections, you must be enrolled on either the State electoral roll (Residents Roll) or the City of Stirling Non-resident Owners and Occupiers Roll.

The voting process

There are three main steps that make up the voting process for the City of Stirling:

  1. An election voting package is posted to all City of Stirling electors approximately three weeks before election day
  2. Electors must complete and return their postal vote by mail or hand deliver to the City's Administration Centre by 6.00pm on election day
  3. The count starts at 6.00pm that same day, and the results are usually available later that evening.

To view past election results, please visit the Western Australian Electoral Commission website.

  • This roll comprises people who are on the State or Commonwealth electoral roll and who:

    • Own rateable property in the City, but do not live there
    • Occupy rateable property in the City (by leasing or renting).

    Enrolment of non-resident owners or occupiers is not automatic. If you are not on the State or Commonwealth electoral rolls and own or occupy rateable property in the City, you may be eligible to enrol to vote. This applies if you were on the City’s last electoral roll prior to May 1996 and have owned or occupied rateable property in the district continuously since this time.

  • The Residents Roll is maintained by the Western Australian Electoral Commission. People who live in the City of Stirling and are on the state electoral roll will automatically be on this roll.

    If you are not already on the state electoral roll and meet the eligibility criteria, or if you have changed address recently, you must complete an enrolment form or enrol online via the Australian Electorial Commission. For more information, please phone the Western Australian Electoral Commission on 13 63 06 (WA only) or (08) 9214 0400 or check your enrolment status on the Western Australian Electoral Commission website.

Eligibility information

Non-resident owner’s eligibility

Each rateable property may claim up to two owners or owner nominees on the roll. Owners of land who were on the last local government roll continue to retain that status until they cease to own the rateable property to which the enrolment relates.

Occupiers eligibility

Please review the eligibility criterial for occupiers below: 

  • Occupiers do not have continuous enrolment and should contact the City to confirm their status
  • To be eligible to enrol as an occupier, you must have a right of continuous occupation under a lease, tenancy agreement or other legal instrument
  • This must be for at least the next three months following the date of the application to enrol
  • Occupiers and occupier nominees remain on the roll for a period of two elections after their enrolment is accepted
  • They are then taken off the roll six months after the second election
  • They must then re-enrol if they wish to continue as electors.

Joint owner and occupier eligibility

If a rateable property is owned or occupied by more than two people:

  • The majority may nominate two people from their group to go on the roll
  • The nominated people must be either on the State or Commonwealth electoral roll
  • The nominees remain on the roll until the property is either sold or the nominees change.

Corporation eligibility

For a corporate body to be eligible it will need to follow the below steps:

  • A body corporate that owns or occupies rateable property may nominate two people to go on the roll, who are on either the State or Commonwealth electoral roll
  • The nominees remain on the roll until the property is either sold or the corporate body changes its nominees.

Are you enrolled? 

Enrol to vote at upcoming elections by completing an Enrolment Eligibility Claim form: 

Enrolment Eligibility Claim Form