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View the candidate profiles for the Local Goverment Elections held on Saturday 19 October 2019.


Adam Spagnolo


Mobile 0419 043 174
Postal address 21 Coatelan Drive STIRLING 6021

Candidate profile

I am a former Mayor, Current Councillor and recipient of the WALGA Meritorious and Distinguished Service Award for my Service to Local Government in WA and a former Council Officer for 15 years. I live and work in the area and have no affiliation with any Political Party or Council Faction. I have a young family and am focused on Better Service to Our Community, Reducing Red Tape, Bringing Power Back to The People, Reducing Rates, Community Safety and Increased Security. Seniors, Our Aged and Sporting Clubs, Maintaining a Sustainable Environment and a Culture Change are also high up on my Agenda. Please put the community back in charge. As an experienced Mayor and Councillor I promise to listen and to make the City of Stirling a Better Place to do Business, Live, Work and Raise our Families. I would be honoured to have your support and confidence.

Re, Elizabeth

RE, Elizabeth

Home 9446 7136
Mobile 0419 913 988
Postal address 23 Hakea Road WOODLANDS 6018
Social network address Facebook: Elizabeth Re for Mayor

Candidate profile

Elizabeth was born and has lived in the City of Stirling for most of her life, raising her children, while working as teacher, sustainability and health auditor. She is a strong community advocate and through her leadership and project management skills has initiated many projects such as footpaths in parks; improved recycling; upgrading local community centres; election of the Mayor by the people and recognition of staff for exceptional service.

Elizabeth believes in putting the Community First and the importance of financial transparency and accountability aligned with improved consultation and community involvement in all aspects of Council’s decision making. 

Elizabeth is passionate and committed to listening to you, working for you, has a proven
record of standing up for you, the community and holding the City to account for their actions and decision making with your money. As Mayor she offers honesty, integrity, credibility, justice and procedural fairness for all


Mark Irwin


Mobile 0418 911 319
Postal address 1 Milverton Avenue KARRINYUP 6018
Social network address, Instagram
markirwinmayor, Linkedin Mark Irwin

Candidate profile

As your current Mayor I’ve proudly served the Stirling community with integrity, energy and vision.

Under my leadership we‘ve delivered Stephenson Avenue, revitalised Scarborough, prioritised $100m into community facilities and parks, increased security services, achieved the lowest ever rates increase and reduced bureaucratic red tape. 

Born and raised in Stirling, my wife and I have instilled our children with strong community responsibility. I’ve led and held board positions in government, schools and not for profit organisations including Surf Lifesaving WA. I support small business in Stirling and appreciate the challenges of that sector.

I champion balancing development with sustaining the fantastic lifestyle we love, supporting community groups and public amenity. 

During my term as Mayor the City has thrived, awarded for accountability, transparency and incredible community projects. I’ll continue to listen and consult with community.

I ask for your vote and continued support as Mayor to keep Stirling on track.

David John Lagan - Mayor candidate

LAGAN, David

Postal address 63 Wood St Inglewood 6052
Social network address David Lagan facebook

Candidate profile

The City of Stirling is a leader in Western Australia. Its vibrant and ethnically diverse population enjoy quality amenity from the sea to the suburbs. Heritage and history,
innovation and a brave approach to new and exciting built form and policy enactment has seen Stirling thrive.

Our City is both a business and tourist hotspot and our proximity to the state capital ensures our city is noticed in all we do by all levels of government.

My time as your Deputy Mayor for two terms has afforded me insight into the workings of our city and the way forward in these exciting times. 

A leaner city spending less on staff and consultants and more on the community is my vision and my promise to the ratepayers of our city. 

I ask for your vote as Mayor and I look forward to working with you.

Terry Tyzack


Mobile 0419 045 980

Candidate profile

My wife Pat and I are long time Stirling residents. I am a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects with experience in private sector commercial architecture and asset management at Perth College. I am very experienced in leadership roles having previously served as Stirling’s Mayor and chaired boards of a tertiary institution and a major hospital. Stirling’s debt free strategy, initiated during my previous Mayoral term, has enabled Stirling to manage global financial crises without impost on ratepayers. However, ongoing sound financial management is essential for the protection of Stirling’s strong position. My focus, if elected, will be on protecting residential amenity by listening and responding to community feedback, ensuring Council activities deliver sustainable benefits, improving customer service levels
and consultation processes, retaining Stirling’s debt free status while containing rate increases and staffing levels. I do not support Councils unilaterally initiating changes to national traditions or customs.

Sanjeev Gupta

GUPTA, Sanjeev

Home 6261 6312
Postal Address 27 B Odin Road INNALOO 6018

Candidate profile

I believe I have the requisite skill and enthusiasm to be the next Mayor for the City of Stirling.
A vote for Sanjeev is a vote towards restoring faith in local governance independence and integrity.

I believe in positive development of community - socially, economically and morally.

I represent multiculturalism and a socially inclusive society who believe in Australian attitude of “Fair Go For Everyone”.
I have an MBA, Bachelor degree and am a member of Institute of Professional Accountant. I bring extensive knowledge of good governance , financial management and technological knowledge to account for every dollar spent.

I believe and will work towards an honest, independent, open, innovative, transparent, ethical, unbiased and accountable local government.

I am keen to promote innovative, responsible and sustainable approach to keep our community safe, healthy and prosperous by implementing and promoting the principles and aims of new local government legislation.

Balga ward

Leonie Getty

GETTY, Leonie

Mobile: 0437 163 059

Candidate profile

As a previous Councillor, I have been involved in environmental sustainability and financial management. I have been a volunteer for 20 years in Balga. I am a Justice of the Peace and Adopt a Park volunteer. I also hold the positions of District Chairperson for Lions Cancer Institute, Australian Lions Children’s Cancer Research Fund and Treasurer of Australian, New Zealand, Pacific Island Forum 2020. I am currently a member of several groups including Stirling Lions Club and Nollamara Sports and Recreation Club. I have actively supported Nollamara Amateur Football Club, Balga Junior Football Club and our Autumn Centres.

I will not support flats in our ward as I believe this increases crime and anti-social behaviour, however I will lobby for a plan to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in our streets. 

Please vote for me and I will ensure that the Balga Ward receives an equitable share of resources.



Mobile 0470 638 763
Postal address 5 Oaker Street BALGA 6061
Social network address

Candidate profile

As a young and a long-term resident of Balga, I have been serving our community for many years through my work in Humanitarian and Social Services. I also have an extensive demonstrated record of leadership roles within our community. 

As owner of a small local business, I am passionate about making Balga, Mirrabooka, Westminster and Nollamara a great place for families to live and work.
If elected, I will fight hard to: 

  • Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour by working closely with police and engaging our community
  • Secure better community facilities and infrastructure such as parks, playgrounds, community halls and roads
  • Improve support services for our elderly residents and our youths
  • Improve the quality of local government services
  • Engage with local businesses to find a solution to reduce unemployment in our Ward.

A vote for me is a vote for change and a vote for a better Balga Ward.

Keith Sargent


Mobile 0402 202 149
Postal address 15 Staunton Grove MIRRABOOKA 6061
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Candidate profile

My philosophy is to leave something better than you found it. During my time on Council I have worked towards improving the Balga Ward, making it a great place to live for everyone. Being through small improvements like more trees, road improvements and footpaths or big projects like dog parks, Des Penman building upgrades and the Balga Princess Wallington Parkland development. All part of moving the area forward, creating a great place for us all to live. The Mirrabooka Shopping Area is by far the biggest change, within a very short period of time having major buildings and I'm working towards getting more done.

With my time on Council I've worked hard in getting improvements for the local area and I hope you have all seen the changes as we move forward. Support me and I will continue to fight for improvements and big projects being delivered in the area.

Adrian Lowe

LOWE, Adrian

Mobile 0410 216 341
Social network address

Candidate profile

I strive for a fair and inclusive place for all the community and will be the voice of the working class in the council. My commitment to you, the workers, the underemployed and unemployed is to listen to what you need and want from your council to better our community and our class. 

As a resident of Westminster for over a decade, I have a connection to our local community, I shop local and as an owner of two schnauzers, I want to see more fenced dog parks as well as weekend / night markets and outdoor community events around the city. I have a Bachelor of Social Science, a Diploma of Business and am employed in Vocational Education with experience in working with culturally and linguistically diverse groups and Aboriginal community.

A vote for me is a vote for you, the working people and not for my personal gain.



Mobile 0437 753 576
Social network address

Candidate profile

Kristy lived in Mirrabooka as a child, currently lives in Nollamara, shops at local businesses and uses the Balga Ward facilities. 

Working as an Engagement Manager, Kristy connects the community with the data and insights they need to make informed decisions regarding policy, community programs or business. She knows the importance of community engagement and her priority will be to ensure that all residents and ratepayers of the City of Stirling have the opportunity to contribute on all City matters. 

Kristy wants to ensure transparency and accountability whilst ensuring that the City runs efficiently to maximise value for money. She is passionate about supporting the City of Stirling's natural environment and conservation work and would support work around public safety, business innovation, tourism and service excellence.

A proud Noongar woman, Kristy has a genuine passion for people and as a councillor would listen with respect and act with integrity.

Mulumba, Alphonse

MULUMBA, Alphonse

Mobile 0432 163 270
Postal address 46C Balcombe Way Westminster 6061
Social network address or

Candidate profile

I live in Westminster. I want Balga Ward and Stirling to be a special community that values diversity, creates opportunities for all, cares for the most vulnerable, and our environment. 

For far too long, things have been the same; It’s time for change. 

I am young and full of energy. My qualifications and experience in Public Policy, Employment Services and the Community Sector have given me a different perspective on how to better serve you.  

If elected, I will be a Fresh Voice on Council; a voice that speaks for you and listens to you. I will engage better and regularly with you. I will work with the Community to create more opportunities for all, especially our young people. Finally, I will work with Council to take local actions on bigger issues such as homelessness, unemployment and climate change. A vote for me is a vote for a Fresh Voice.

Casey Johnston


Mobile 0487 043 482
Social network address:

Candidate profile

I have lived in the Balga ward since purchasing my first property six years ago.

I work as a lawyer for Legal Aid WA which is a not for profit agency that works to promote a fairer and safer community. In my role, I engage with many different people in the wider community from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

If elected, I intend to bring the same integrity from my workplace to advocate for fairness, equality and social justice.

Road safety, personal safety and security within the community are important issues to everyone and can always be improved.

My core intentions are to enhance road safety, increase security patrols, promote council transparency and move towards a more sustainable community. I will work hard to see that our community continues to be a safe and happy environment for our families both now and into the future.

Coastal ward



Mobile 0404 143 149
Social network address

Candidate profile

I am a father, a teacher, former transport adviser and active in local community and sporting groups.

It's clear to me that the major issue facing the community are rate rises. I will advocate strongly for an efficient City with accountability on how your dollar is spent. Let’s stop the waste so families aren’t punished by unnecessary rate increases.

I will campaign hard to improve (free) beach parking and address congestion along West Coast Highway, including better traffic flow and transport options.

I know many of us have chosen the coastal lifestyle to enjoy WA’s best amenities. We must look after our environment – our beaches, bushland, parks and sporting fields.

I support:

  • addressing crime and anti-social behaviour;
  • better services for seniors;
  • reducing red-tape on approvals and small business;
  • improving consultation on issues that matter to you most.

Your issues are my issues because I’m a local.


Jeff Johnson


Mobile 0416 209 061
Postal address 46A Corbett Street SCARBOROUGH 6019

Candidate profile

I was born in Newcastle , NSW the youngest of 4 boys. I have resided in Perth for the past 34 years. I taught Maths at Wesley College and I am currently tutoring maths at City Beach Residential College privately. I have lived in Scarborough for the past 4 years. My wife Lesley and I are the parents of 3 children who all live in Perth. I want to listen and be involved with my present community. I want to empathise and help people in their pursuit of better and more rewarding lives

FARRELLY, Felicity

FARRELLY, Felicity

Mobile 0407 170 090
Postal address 32 Scarborough Beach Road SCARBOROUGH 6019
Social network address

Candidate profile

Felicity Farrelly is your local coastal candidate.

Committed to bringing honesty and accountability to Council decision making.

Felicity raised her family in Scarborough, is an agricultural scientist, research urban planner, teacher, grandparent and is ready to be your representative listening to you and speaking for you.

Felicity’s key concern is the lack of transparency of City governance, particularly relating to urban planning, traffic and parking congestion issues.

Poor community planning affects our health, our safety and our wellbeing. As a cofounder of Save Our Sunsets, she worked hard for good urban design and retention of the unique natural dune system in Stirling.

Felicity is passionate about greater connectivity promoting walkability within our suburbs and improvements of cycle ways. Felicity supports the preservation of the natural and beach environments, of trees and including more safe play areas for our children.

Felicity is NOT politically aligned - Felicity will represent you.

Doubleview ward

David Drewett - Doubleview



Candidate profile

As a candidate, I believe that the person representing the Doubleview Ward, firstly should live in the Ward and secondly, have the time and the energy to devote 100% effort in representing the people.

Having served previously as a Councillor, Deputy Mayor and Mayor of Vincent from 1997 - 2003, I believe that I have all the relevant qualifications to diligently represent the people of Doubleview.

Since being given a second chance at life in 2016 having received a heart transplant, I now have the health and enthusiasm to give back my time and expertise in gaining better facilities and outcomes for the Doubleview Ward.

I have served the Community over the years as a Fire Officer and Justice of the Peace (18 years) and fully understand the needs of everyone.

I promise to be there for you when you require my assistance !!



Mobile 0413 391 948
Social network address

Candidate profile

Simon, semi retired after 15 years running his IT Consultancy business, has no political nor industry affiliations, helped form and is currently Deputy Chairman of the WA Residents and Ratepayers Association, was instrumental in petitioning the City to undertake the Independent Planning Review and continues to advocate for increased consultation, transparency and accountability.

Simon and partner Rosinas experiences with Stirling coupled with similarly affected community members prompted him to nominate to actively support the Community.
Doubleview Ward has the least amount of public openspace in Stirling and an ever reducing urban canopy driven by nonconforming development compounded by inadequate consultation.

A better Doubleview Ward needs a better Stirling, better Councillors who are not rubber stampers to an unelected administration who understand that ‘nothing we can do’, is not good enough. Simon, with your support, will not allow the residents of the Ward to be spoken to in that manner.

Stephanie Jane Proud

PROUD, Stephanie Jane

Mobile 0411 070 793

Candidate profile

I am a hardworking and motivated Councillor, I care about our community and am committed to making a real difference in people’s lives.

During my time on Council and as an active Justice of the Peace, I have gained considerable knowledge and understanding of local issues.

I am committed to supporting the community in all aspects related to crime prevention, traffic congestion, road safety, environmental protection and improved recycling programs.

I am concerned about the impact of infill development on local residents, particularly the loss of mature trees and parking issues on local streets.

I will continue to advocate for residents, seniors, community groups and sporting clubs for improved amenities whilst keeping rates under CPI.

I will remain strategically focused, accountable, financially responsible and maintain my independence to represent your concerns and promote your aspirations.

I am keen to continue as your Doubleview Ward councillor and welcome your support.

Jim Bivoltsis


Mobile 0400 247 409

Candidate profile

A vote for Jim is a vote to freeze council rates.

I will focus on reducing spending and wastage that will remove the hurdles of red tape to allow planning approvals to be dealt with quickly for households and businesses.

Our community needs to be safe with security measures that allow residents to move freely. 

We can better manage recycling, allow verge collections, encourage and support our schools and community centres for a cleaner environment for our enjoyment.

I am married with 3 children and live in the Doubleview ward and my business office is in Stirling.

With a professional career over 30 years in the finance industry covering roles in the Corporate sector and the last 15 years as a small business owner I bring a broad range of skills and experiences.

We need a change of direction. Vote Jim to achieve a better outcome for you.

Hamersley ward

Pauline VUKOJEVIC - Hamersley



Candidate profile

I have lived in Balcatta for most of my life, and love the diversity and the strong community spirit that we are lucky to enjoy in the City of Stirling. My family and I actively support local small businesses and attend a local school. Having worked in both the private and public sectors, I believe my background will enable me to provide a unique and valuable contribution as Councillor for Hamersley. I am passionate about developing a strong governance and promoting transparency. I believe in focusing on the core responsibilities of local government, providing ratepayers with confidence that the City is providing services efficiently and effectively, and developing useful operational synergies. A vote for me is a vote for fairness and equity for you and your family in the City of Stirling, safe in the knowledge that I will focus on the ratepayer and your rights.

Chris Hatton - Hamersley


Mobile 0439 752 279

Candidate profile

My experience in teaching at local schools like Glendale in Hamersley, Karrinyup, Takari and Balcatta has shown me the critical importance of creating family friendly environments. I have always been involved in community groups and I have a strong track record on personal safety, security, open spaces, traffic management and environmental issues. Clubs are the social fabric of our community and I will always ensure there is support for local facilities. I have been involved with various clubs, including Karrinyup Saints and Carine Football Clubs and the Balcatta Tee Ball Association. The issue of excessive rates has never been so critical, individuals and businesses are hurting. I will fight for ratepayers at every opportunity to bring them the financial relief needed through efficient management and prudent spending. I have a strong vision for our suburbs and I have the experience to deliver for you, your families and the Hamersley Ward.



Mobile 0410 477 149
Social network address

Candidate profile

Motivated to serve my local community, bring fresh ideas to council and build on the many strengths of our area. 2017 Hamersley Ward Candidate, Small Business Director in Balcatta, President - Karrinyup Cricket Club, Committee Member - Gwelup Progress Association. My focus will be on managing your rates prudently, protecting green spaces, dealing with increasing crime concerns and reducing congestion on our roads. Coming from a family of small business owners, I want to reduce red tape and make it easier for local businesses to survive, thrive and employ people. Local government should stick to its core roles and responsibilities. I promise to build positive relationships with community groups and sports clubs. I promise to be a good listener and remain steadfastly independent in my approach to each issue. I promise to maximise value for money with your rates and vote against unnecessary rates increases. Vote Helliwell for Hamersley.

Hoo, Song



Candidate profile

I was born in South Korea and raised by amazing parents who taught me the importance of healthy families and hard work. I'm a mother of a beautiful little boy, so I understand the necessity to provide more services and activities for children. I help people find their smile and develop their self-esteem as a self-employed dental prosthetist. Being self-employed, I know the positive impact small business has on the local economy. I'm a member of the Korean Australian Business Council which promotes cultural exchange and boosts economic ties between WA and South Korea. Being a Korean Australian, I'm passionate about promoting cultural diversity and sense of belonging for all residents in the City of Stirling. I'm standing as councillor for the Hamersley Ward, because I believe we can do more to improve
services for children, develop sport and recreation facilities for youth, enhance recycling education and promote cultural diversity.

Karlo Perkov


Mobile 0447 904 714
Postal address PO Box 1049 OSBORNE PARK DC 6916
Social network address:

Candidate profile

I believe rate rises are an unfair tax on residents and business owners alike and we must stop these increases. As your Councillor, I have moved to freeze rates within the City of Stirling and I will continue this fight on your behalf.

Whether it’s traffic relief through my efforts to build the Boya Way roundabout, support for our fragile wetlands or lights for your local sporting ground, I have achieved results and delivered additional value for ratepayers, our Council and the community at large.

I pride myself on a strong work ethic and your issues will always matter to me. When you need help, I will be the first to arrive and the last to leave. This may be a part time role, but with me, you will get full time commitment.

I will continue to be your voice for getting the job done. Vote Karlo PERKOV, Hamersley Ward.

OLOW, Teresa

OLOW, Teresa

Mobile 0402 232 210

Candidate profile

I have loved living, working and raising my family in Stirling and am mindful that rate increases, however small, can add to the cost of living pressures on families and small

Serving as a committee member in a local nursing home and on local sporting clubs, I gained a good understanding of community expectations of local government from diverse perspectives.

My experience as local Government administration professional and in running my own small business has heightened my awareness of the complexities involved in achieving a high performing Council. I can bring fresh ideas to Council table in relation to improved accountability, transparency, staff morale and efficiency with the ultimate aim of reducing the financial burden on rate payers. 

I am committed to supporting local people over local issues, including council costs, verge pickups, traffic congestion and small businesses.

I believe in a fair go for all in our community.

Inglewood ward

David Lagan

LAGAN, David


Candidate profile

Having served as your Councillor and as Deputy Mayor I consider myself fortunate to represent the popular areas of Inglewood and Dianella. The past four years has enabled me, through community engagement and a close relationship with Council to promote and see completed a number of community projects that benefit many from sporting clubs to community groups.

Assisting in the progression of the Dianella industrial area plan and the Inglewood night markets has enabled me to work closely with the community on new and vibrant initiatives. 

Securing funds for clubroom upgrades at Dianella open space and Breckler Park ensures future community participation for many age groups.

Living and working within the Inglewood community with my family has enabled us to contribute to this vibrant and fast changing area. I trust my representation has been worthy of my re-election. Thank you for your ongoing support.

BYASS, Rozanne

BYASS, Rozanne

Mobile 0400 218 354
Social network address Facebook: Rozanne Byass for City of Stirling Councillor

Candidate profile

I live in Mount Lawley and work in Government as a Project Officer.

Having served in the Australian Army for 12 years, including in the Middle East, I believe my personal attributes of strong leadership, integrity and ability to motivate will enable me to serve the community well. 

I will be focused and accountable and am prepared to put in the time and effort to get results. Local residents and business people need to be listened to. As a triathelete I realise the importance of sporting clubs, community activities and participation.

Council must concentrate on its core activities, keep rates low and provide good grass roots services. It is not only about big projects. Inglewood Ward is on the periphery of Stirling and can sometimes be ignored. Walter Road needs a serious upgrade.

I intend to work towards making Stirling a better place to live work and recreate.

Andrew Bethell


Mobile 0458 470 513
Postal address 132 Seventh Avenue INGLEWOOD 6052

Candidate profile

As a dog-owner and distributor of the local community newspapers I have literally walked every street; visited every shop; and played at every park in Inglewood. In that time I have talked with, and listened to, many residents, and business owners. This will help me be a good advocate for your concerns, and difficulties, with the City and future direction of Inglewood.

I have an Advanced Diploma of Accounting (Central TAFE, 2000) and an understanding of the importance of good financial management in the provision and delivery of goods and services. I would work with the Council to ensure that your rates are used effectively.

I am a member of Vision Australia and support their Seeing Eye Dog Australia and community radio (VAR 990AM) programs.

If elected I would aim to ensure that the good representation Inglewood has had with the City through its past, and present, councillors, continue.

Lawley ward

Joe Ferrante


Mobile 0418 891 274
Social network address Facebook: Cr Joe Ferrante

Candidate profile

Thank you for trusting me to be your strong voice and advocate on Council for the last 8 years.

I am a lifelong local resident, serving as Patron of Yokine Bowling Club and Alexander Park Tennis Club, a Coolbinia Bombers friend and a Mt Lawley Society member. I have tertiary qualifications in Business and Management and over 20 years experience in senior corporate executive roles.

Identifying and eliminating wasteful expenditure has led to the lowest rate increases in the City’s history, and we need to keep Stirling on track. I have been instrumental in implementing CCTV in Nollamara, improvements to Hamer Park and Lockwood Reserve, the Moyle Pavilion redevelopment and more.

My continuing priorities include improved services for seniors, a 2 year Rates Freeze, increased support for community groups, protecting heritage and residential covenants, safe and effective traffic management, increased security patrols, improved public consultation and a greener city.

Joe Drago


Mobile 0419 046 412

Candidate profile

Living in an area with a strong sense of community was important to my wife Julie and I when choosing where to raise our family.

The Lawley Ward, with its fantastic schools, open spaces and proud heritage dwellings was the perfect place for us.

Sporting clubs, community organisations and senior's programs are the lifeblood of our community but they need our ongoing support.

Although many of us are passionate supporters of the heritage within the City of Stirling, including the Beaufort Street strip, we need a plan to preserve it.

As residents we can't be complacent - it's about our people, our businesses and our community.

If elected as your representative at the City of Stirling I will work towards encouraging community consultation in the decision-making processes of Council.

I will respect your views and ensure I am accessible to all residents to discuss the issues important to you.

Paul Collins - Lawley


Mobile 0418 958 173
Postal address PO Box 186 INGLEWOOD 6932
Social network address

Candidate profile

Happily married with 3 daughters, I am past President of the Mount Lawley Society, former - Rotary Club treasurer, WACA Director, Lawley Ward Councillor (2007 - 2011) and finance committee member of St Peter's Parish.

I am a UWA law graduate currently employed as the commercial leasing director in my family's CBD based property management firm. 

Born in Mt Lawley and having a life long association with the ward, I will strongly support our local schools, sporting clubs and community/senior groups. 

I will engage with our local businesses and improve planning outcomes for residents concerned with infill, overlooking and loss of amenity. 

City customer service levels and consultation processes need improving as does increasing our tree canopy cover.

I don’t support peripheral issues such as removing citizenship ceremonies from Australia Day.

The Lawley Ward needs a strong advocate willing to listen and act in the best interests of the community.

Osborne ward

Lisa Thornton


Social network address

Candidate profile

I have been a locally active resident of the Osborne Ward for over 15 years and regularly attend council meetings. I have a Science degree, work as a Science Lecturer, been a policy researcher and have worked in the mining industry. I will listen and work hard to represent residents and business owners and advocate strongly on your behalf. I promise to hold the City to account and be a strong proponent for fiscal responsibility.

I will promote and support sustainable development initiatives, climate action, increasing and protecting our urban tree canopy for healthy, more liveable suburbs, and better protection of natural areas. I’ll champion policies that will support local businesses to help improve our local economy and create jobs.

As your Councillor, I will also support; elderly, culturally diverse and First Nation communities; improved public health policies; authentic public consultation; safe neighbourhoods; local sporting clubs; cycling initiatives; dog parks.

Sanjeev Gupta

Sanjeev Gupta

Mobile 0405 375 527
Postal address 27 B Odin Road Innaloo 6018

Candidate profile

“Give Change A Chance” Your Candidate for Osborne Ward. 

A vote for Sanjeev is a much needed vote for independence and integrity.

I represent multiculturalism and a socially inclusive society who believe in Australian attitude of “Fair Go For Everyone”. 

As a Student Senate at Murdoch University, I helped student community at large.

I believe in culturally diverse, economically progressive and environmentally sustainable community.

I have worked in Hospitality, Finance, Defence Industry and currently Business Development Manager for an accounting practice.

I believe and will work towards an honest, independent, open, innovative, transparent and accountable local government.

I am keen to promote innovative, responsible and sustainable approach to keep our community safe, healthy and prosperous by implementing and promoting the principles and aims of new local government legislation.

ITALIANO, Giovanni

ITALIANO, Giovanni

Mobile 0418 945 100

Candidate profile

I am a passionate local, working hard to give back to our community.

With 17 years of Council experience, my record is focused on delivering services efficiently to local ratepayers, while keeping rates low and the City debt-free.

I will continue delivering vibrant local centres, like Main Street and Stirling City Centre, and first class recreational facilities.

I have proudly called Stirling home for over 60 years, looked after my family locally since I was 14 and run a small business since 1968.

Community groups like the Osborne Park Bowling Club, Stirling Lions, Balcatta FC and the dedicated people who run them are the reason why our area is the best in
the state.

I am committed to doing more to support people who contribute so much to their local clubs.

As your Osborne Ward Councillor, I ask for your support to continue getting the City working for you.



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I have been a resident of the City of Stirling for approximately 32 years. I live in Balcatta with my family where I have established my Business. I feel very proud to be living in the City of Stirling because everything is central and there's lots of potential to have a great community and culture. Over the past 10 years council has taken a different turn and residents are not satisfied with some of the decision making. Ratepayers feel that they are being ignored and want to be HEARD. With your support I want to make a difference and if elected you have my word that I will work hard for the community. I sponsor and support Junior and Senior Sports, Aged Care, Keeping Rates below CPI and responsible spending and putting redundant community buildings and resources to better use. Working together I know we can making Osborne great again.



Postal address 37 Cassino Drive STIRLING 6021

Candidate profile

About Amit.

  • Masters in Electronics
  • Practising Immigration Consultant
  • Married with two kids
  • Business Owner for the last 22 years
  • Community Volunteer.

My goal if I am to be elected will be to promote pride and community awareness by creating sustainable growth in our local parks and sports, community groups, businesses and schools. As a councillor I will use my experience and time to concerns and opinions in a push towards growth.

The people are it's biggest strengths, their ability to work together. There are some outstanding individuals in the community and I am looking forward to meet with those to
explore any co-operative activity to raise Stirling profile. 

High involvement with members of the community is a priority for me. This will also give me the opportunity to identify the immediate needs of the people and act accordingly.

My motto is people above politics.