2021 elections

Local Government Elections will be held on Saturday 16 October 2021.

Key dates

Friday27 August 2021Close of rolls 5.00pm
Thursday2 September 2021Nominations open
Thursday9 September 2021Close of nominations 4.00pm
Saturday16 October 2021Election Day - close of poll 6.00pm

Disclaimer - Local Government Election

The City's Facebook page (or any other resources) cannot be used directly or indirectly for the purpose of persuading electors to vote in a particular way at an election, referendum or other poll held under the Act, the Electoral Act 1907 or the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 or for any other purpose, as stipulated in the Local Government (Rules of Conduct) Regulations 2007 - Reg 8. For this reason, the City reserves the right to hide or delete comments that it believes may do this. 

Election FAQs


When are the elections held?

The City's council elections are held every two years on the third Saturday in October. This year they will be held on the 16 October 2021. 

Are local government elections compulsory?

No, voting in local government elections in not compulsory in Western Australia. 

Which election terms expire in 2021?

The following Councillors terms expire in 2021:  

  • Councillor David Boothman JP - Balga Ward  
  • Councillor Karen Caddy - Coastal Ward 
  • Councillor Elizabeth Re - Doubleview Ward                 
  • Councillor Karlo Perkov - Hamersley Ward 
  • Councillor Bianca Sandri - Inglewood Ward   
  • Councillor Suzanne Migdale - Lawley Ward  
  • Councillor Adam Spagnolo - Osborne Ward.

How long is an election term?

The Mayor and Councillors are elected for four-year terms, with half of the Councillors terms concluding at each biennial election. The Mayor was elected for a four-year term at the last election. 

Who conducts the City of Stirling election?

The Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) runs a postal ballot with the assistance of the City of Stirling. 


When does the election finish?

The election finishes at 6.00pm on Saturday 16 October 2021. Ballots must be received in the post or delivered in person before then.

How are votes counted?

Local government elections are conducted using the “first past the post” system. The candidate with the most votes wins. Votes will be counted on the evening of Saturday 16 October 2021. 


Who can be a candidate?

Anyone who is on the City of Stirling Electoral Roll as a resident, or a non-resident owner or occupier of rateable property within the City of Stirling (and is not disqualified) can be a candidate. Nominees of a body corporate cannot stand for election to Council. Further detail on who is qualified to be a candidate is outlined in sections 2.19 to 2.24 of the Local Government Act 1995

When do nominations for candidates open?

Thursday 2 September 2021.

When do nominations for candidates close?

Thursday 9 September 2021 at 4.00pm.

Should I nominate myself as a candidate in the 2021 local government election?

The City will be hosting a Prospective Candidates Nomination Session on 12 August 2021. Information on the session is available on the City’s website - click here. If you are unable to attend, the session will also be available for viewing via live stream on the City's website.

Disclosure of electoral gifts

Who is required to make a disclosure?

Both the candidate and the donor must disclose any electoral gifts that are received/promised or given within the disclosure period (16 April 2021) if:- 

  • The value of the gift is $200 or more; or 
  • The value of the gift is less than $200, but the gift is one of 2 or more gifts, with a total value of $200 or more made by one person at any time.

As a candidate, do I need to declare donations I receive for my election campaign?

If you receive one or multiple or multiple gifts from the same person/group/business and it is from the same person/group/business and it is valued $200 or more, you must disclose the gift/s as per the Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997.  

When does the disclosure period commence?

The period of disclosure commences on 16 April 2021.  

For unsuccessful candidates, the disclosure period ends 3 days after election day.  

For successful candidates, the disclosure period concludes on the day the successful candidate makes a declaration in the prescribed form before acting in the office.  

Should gifts under $200 be disclosed?

The Local Government (Election) Regulation 1997 requires gifts valued $200 or more must be disclosed. However, gifts under this amount can be recorded in the register (by completing a disclosure form).

When and how do I have to make a disclosure?

Disclosures must be made within 3 days by a candidate and donor within 3 days of receiving/giving the gift. 

Disclosures is to be made by completing Form 9A and delivered to the City of Stirling Executive Officer via email to stirling@stirling.wa.gov.au  

What if the donor of the gift is unidentifiable?

A candidate must not receive a gift unless the name and address of each donor are known to the candidate (Penalty $5,000).

Will the disclosure be publicly available?


The Electoral Gift Register will be published on the City of Stirling website and at the City of Stirling Administration Centre, 25 Cedric Street, Stirling.

Who should I contact in relation to the $1,000 tax deduction for my campaign?

This is a matter for the Australian Tax Office.


Does the City have any guidelines around election signage for candidates?

Yes, the City has developed an Election Signs Policy that all candidates must comply with. 

The restrictions, including maximum sign size when placed on public property are set out in this policy. These restrictions differ from those that apply to signs on private property, also detailed in the policy. 

Candidates may choose the size and type of signs they wish to use as long as they are compliant with the policy. All election campaigning is undertaken at the candidate’s own expense. 

Who do I contact if I have a query or complaint about election signs?

You can contact the City via the City’s website here.


Who is entitled to vote?

The roll for this election consists of: 

  1. The Residents Roll - Individuals who live in the City of Stirling and who are enrolled on the State Electoral Roll.  
  2. Non-Resident Owner and Occupiers Roll - Non-residents owners or occupiers of rateable property in the City. Eligibility conditions apply. 

What is the Residents Roll?

The Residents Roll is maintained by the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC). People who live in the City of Stirling and are on the State electoral roll will automatically be on this roll. 

Can I check if I am on the Residents Roll?

Yes you can check your enrolment status on the Western Australian Electoral Commission website here.

What is the Non-Residents Owner and Occupiers Roll?

This roll comprises of people who are enrolled on the State or Commonwealth electoral roll and who: 

  • Own rateable property in the City, but do not live there 
  • Occupy rateable property in the City (by leasing or renting). 

Enrolment of non-resident owners or occupiers is not automatic. If you are not on the State or Commonwealth electoral rolls and own or occupy rateable property in the City, you may be eligible to enrol to vote. This applies if you were on the City’s last electoral roll prior to May 1996 and have owned or occupied the rateable property in the district continuously since this time.  

How often do I need to apply to be on the Non-Residents Owner and Occupier Roll?

You must register every four years. 

When will I receive my voting package?

Voting packages will be lodged with Australia Post by the Western Australian Electoral Commission and it is expected that all packages will be received by 1 October 2021.

What if I have not received my voting package?

If you do not receive your voting package by 1 October 2021, it is recommended that you request a replacement package. This can be applied for by completing the form on the City’s website here: https://www.stirling.wa.gov.au/vote. This option is only available up to the 12th October 2021. 

Where can I pick up a replacement voting package?

Replacement voting packages can be obtained from the following locations:-  

  • City’s Administration Centre, 25 Cedric Street, Stirling (8.30am - 5.00pm) 
  • One of six Stirling libraries (during opening hours): 
  1. Dianella 
  2. Inglewood 
  3. Karrinyup 
  4. Mirrabooka 
  5. Osborne 
  6. Scarborough.
  • The City’s Civic Centre on Sunday 26 September, Sunday 3 October or Sunday 10 October between 7.30am and 11.30am only. 

Is early or absent voting available?

No. These forms of voting are not available for postal elections. If you are going to be away at election time you can get someone to forward you the voting package. 

A few of us own or occupy a property. What can we do?

Where the property is owned or occupied by more than two people, a majority of the owners and occupiers may nominate two persons amongst themselves to be enrolled to vote. 

What if I have a business in the City of Stirling?

A body corporate, which owns or occupies rateable property, may nominate two persons to vote on their behalf. The nominees must be on either the State or Commonwealth electoral rolls. If the body corporate owns properties in more than one ward the same nominees can apply for all wards. The application form is to be signed by an officer of the body corporate. Only two people can be nominated regardless of the number of properties owned or occupied in the City. 

Further information can be obtained by: