2019 elections

Election results

Local Government Elections were held on Saturday 19 October 2019.

Mark Irwin was elected as the City of Stirling's first popularly elected Mayor.

Full election results for the Mayoral and Ward elections, including votes received by each candidate are available from the Western Australian Electoral Commission.

Key dates

Friday30 August 2019Close of rolls - 5.00pm
Thursday5 September 2019Nominations open
Thursday12 September 2019Close of nominations - 4.00pm
Saturday19 October 2019Election day - close of poll 6.00pm


Disclaimer - Local Government Election

The City’s Facebook page (or any other resources) cannot be used directly or indirectly for the purpose of persuading electors to vote in a particular way at an election, referendum or other poll held under the Act, the Electoral Act 1907 or the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 or for any other purpose, as stipulated in the Local Government (Rules of Conduct) Regulations 2007 – Reg 8. For this reason, the City reserves the right to hide or delete comments that it believes may do this.

Election FAQs

What is a popularly elected Mayor?

A popularly elected Mayor is a Mayor who is voted in by the electors of the district (not the Council). In 2019, the City will see its first popularly elected Mayor.

As a result, the City will have 15 elected members, the Mayor and 14 Councillors.

The Mayor will hold office for four years.

Will the Deputy Mayor be popularly elected?

No. The Deputy Mayor will continue to be elected by the Council and will hold office for two years.

When will I receive my postal vote package?

Postal vote packages will be sent to electors early October.

If you don't receive your postal vote package by Friday 4 October 2019 please contact the City to apply for a replacement package. For more information click here

Can I do an early/absentee vote?

No. As the City of Stirling conducts its election by postal vote there is no availability of early or absentee voting.

Postal vote packages will be sent out late September.

Are local government elections compulsory?


Which ward am I in?

To find out what ward your property is in click here

Enter your property address under the address search section at the bottom of the screeen and press search. Your ward will be detailed on the right of the screen.

I made a mistake on my ballot paper, can I get a new one?

Yes. You can apply to the City to receive a replacement postal vote package. For more information click here

Why did my postal vote package only have one ballot paper?

If you have multiple voting entitlements in the City of Stirling only one of your postal vote packages will contain a ballot paper for the Mayoral election. You can only vote once in each election.

If you are missing a ballot paper and do not have multiple voting entitlements please contact the City to apply for a replacement package. For more information click here

It's too late to mail my postal vote. Can I hand deliver it?

Postal votes can be hand delivered to any of the following locations prior to Election Day, Saturday 19 October 2019 (Note: on Election Day postal votes can only be hand delivered to the City's Administration Centre):

  • City of Stirling Administration Centre, 25 Cedric Street, Stirling
  • Inglewood Library, 895 Beaufort Street, Inglewood
  • Mirrabooka Library, 21 Sudbury Road, Mirrabooka
  • Osborne Library, 9 Royal Street, Tuart Hill
  • Scarborough Library, 173 Gildercliffe Street, Scarborough.

When does the election finish?

The election finishes at 6.00pm on Saturday 19 October 2019. Postal vote packages must be received via post or hand delivered to the City before then.

How are the votes counted?

Local government elections are conducted using the 'first past the post' system. The candidate with the most votes wins.

Votes will be counted at the City's Administration Centre, 25 Cedric Street, Stirling from 6.00pm on Saturday 19 October 2019.

The Hamersley Ward has two vacancies, how is this determined?

The candidate who receives the most votes will receive a four year term. The candidate who receives the second highest number of votes will receive a two year term.

What happens if a current Councillor is elected Mayor?

If the Councillor is also running as a candidate for a ward at this election because their term has expired, their name will be excluded from the count for that ward. The candidate with the most votes from the remaining candidates will be elected as the ward Councillor.

If the Councillor is not up for election and still has two years to run on their term, an extraordinary election will be held for the ward vacancy by February 2020.