Themed avenue program

The City is committed to the continuous enhancement of our streetscapes for the health and enjoyment of our residents and introduced the Themed Avenues program in response.

The way we live is rapidly changing, as we maximise liveable space on ever shrinking blocks the humble backyard is fast disappearing, in its place, paving, plastic grass and parking. This vegetation loss has serious health, environmental and financial impacts on us all.

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Themed Avenue Planting

Tree canopy cover

Identifying areas of little or no tree canopy, the Themed Avenues Program sees neighbourhoods transformed by planting consistent avenues streets of trees along verges and footpaths. The program also looks at areas where trees may be in decline, needing replacement and areas nominated by our community. 

Creating green streetscapes by planting avenues of trees across the city has a number of benefits including increasing shade along streets, footpaths and verges.