Community tree planting program

The community tree planting program aims to encourage the participation of residents, families in community tree planting events across the City. The program also helps foster a sense of community pride and ownership of streetscapes, while spreading the word about the importance of street trees.

These events rely heavily on the support of local residents and volunteers - so we invite you, your friends and family to attend your local event or join the program by becoming a volunteer tree planter or volunteer tree captain.

Tree planting 2022 schedule of events

Events will be held on Saturday at 9.00am to 11.30am and will be followed by a free sausage sizzle and leaf composting workshop for participants. Please see the schedule of events below and register if you would like to attend. If you're a resident who has a street tree planned for the verge alongside your property, don't forget to select “leaf composting workshop” and "after-care pack" - by participating, you are eligible for an after-care pack for the new trees and the opportunity to learn about leaf composting. Please be aware that events are subject to be rescheduled or cancelled due to bad weather or COVID-19 restrictions.

Event dateEventEvent meeting locationRegister for event
14 May 2022Glendalough

Glendalough Open Space (near the Public Access Way on the Selsted Place side), Jon Sanders Drive, Glendalough

Register here
4 June 2022CarineKersey Pinxton Reserve, 30 Kersey Way, CarineRegister here
25 June 2022KarrinyupDraycott Park, 13 Porlock Way, KarrinyupRegister here
16 July 2022BalgaDerrington Logue Reserve (corner of Logue Court and Derrington Crescent), 41 Derrington Crescent, BalgaRegister here
30 July 2022YokineShakespeare Gray Reserve, 2 Gray Avenue, YokineRegister here
20 August 2022DianellaLennard Jefferey Reserve, 38 Lennard Street, DianellaRegister here
View the current street tree planting projects
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Community tree planting volunteers 

  • Become a volunteer tree captain

    Volunteers tree captains play a vital role in ensuring the success of our community tree planting program. Tree captains work closely with our tree officers and will lead a small team of volunteer tree planters at planting events.

    For more information on the role, read the Volunteer Tree Captain Position Description.

    If you would like to join the team of volunteer tree captains, please contact Volunteer Services via the General enquiry and feedback form. If you would like further information about the volunteer recruitment process, please visit the City’s Volunteer page

  • Become a volunteer tree planter

    Volunteer tree planters are a part of our special army of residents who are called upon during the winter planting season to help plant street trees at our community tree planting events across the City.

    You'll meet a variety of new people who like you, want to make a positive contribution to their community.

    Register to be a community tree planting volunteer via the Street Tree Planting Project Enquiry form
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Where do the community tree planting events take place?

The community tree planting events take place on Saturday mornings during the winter months in residential areas across the City of Stirling. Each year, one or more events will be held in each of the City's wards.

Why should I get involved?

Being involved helps to revitalise and improve the appearance of streetscapes across the City of Stirling. It’s also a great way for you and your family to meet your neighbours and other like-minded people.

You will also be helping to build a sense of community while working together on an important project. Help make your community a healthier place for you and your family to live, now and into the future.

Can my children participate in the community tree planting event?

We encourage families with young children to participate in planting trees along their street. This is a positive experience and educates them about the importance of street trees to our health, wellbeing and community. There is no minimum age to get started.

Please note, children must be supervised by a parent and/or guardian at all times to ensure their safety at a community tree planting event.

How will volunteers and participants be acknowledged for their work in the tree planting program?

Volunteers and participants will receive a Certificate of Appreciation at the end of each community tree planting event. They will also be invited to enjoy a free sausage sizzle and drink at the end of the planting event. Volunteer tree captains are centrally registered with the City of Stirling. They will automatically receive invitations to attend City volunteer events throughout the year which recognise their valuable contribution.

What do I need to bring to an event?

The City will supply all the necessary tools and equipment for the event.

You just need to come dressed in your gardening clothes and wear closed shoes. Please bring a water bottle and a hat.

Do I need to register online to attend a community tree planting event?

Yes. Please RSVP using the links provided in the schedule of events.

Registering will ensure we can keep you in the loop of any last minute changes.

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