Find out about the City of Stirling's requirements for people who wish to do work in the road reserve, including crossovers, using verges for building development work, private connection to services and reinstatement of concrete footpaths. Information on crossover subsidies is also available here.

Road Reserves

Any proposed work that involves interference with the City of Stirling's road assets, requires traffic management, or
affects businesses or residents should be checked first with the City to determine if there are any specific requirements. Enquiries can be made through the Customer Contact Centre. Road workers

More information is provided in the following documents:

  • Conditions of Approval for Contractors Working in Road Reserve and Park Reserve
  • Technical Specification for Cast In-Situ Concrete Works and
  • Specification for Residential and Commercial/Industrial Vehicle Crossings.

Also see the Engineering design standards page for more information.

Traffic Management for work sites and events

Proper management of traffic on a worksite or at an event is essential for the safety of workers and the public. The City of Stirling manages its traffic control for works on roads in accordance with the Main Roads WA Code of Practice.

The City of Stirling is responsible for:

  • Approving third parties intending to conduct work within the road reserve and
  • Implementing traffic management for work initiated by itself, its employees, consultants, agents and contractors.

In order to work or hold an event within the road reserve in the City of Stirling, it is essential to:

  • Submit an application for approval and
  • To prepare and submit a traffic management plan.

Additional information on road works traffic management can be found on Main Roads WA website under the traffic/road works section.

For further information, please contact Engineering Operations on (08) 9205 8555.

Verge Treatments

Under the City's new Verge Treatment Policy, Guidelines and Specifications, the following key requirements must be complied when considering any landscaping works on your verge:

  • Restrictions on what paving and synthetic turf is allowed
  • Special requirements in the Heritage Protection Areas (Mt Lawley, Menora and Inglewood)
  • Installation of a street tree (if there is no existing tree)
  • Maintenance of clear sight visibility
  • Materials not allowed include:
    • inorganic mulches (stone, gravel or crushed brick or rock)
    • items that protrude above the natural level of the verge such as retaining walls, high mowing kerbs and steps and
    • plants of a thorny, poisonous or hazardous nature.

For most cases, the City will require prior approval before any installation works.


If you are planning to install a new crossover, please take note of the following key requirements under the City's new Crossover Policy, Guidelines and Specifications:

  • Number of crossovers allowed
  • Allowed materials
  • Protection of street trees
  • Special requirements in the Heritage Protection Areas (Mt Lawley, Menora and Inglewood)
  • No removal of existing footpaths
  • Crossover conflict with road reserve infrastructure assets and associated costs
  • Reinstatement of crossovers (if damaged by the City)
  • Crossover adjustment works as part of the City's own works
  • The City requires prior approval for all crossovers before any construction works.

Further Information

Cast in-Situ Concrete Works Technical Specifications.pdfCast in-Situ Concrete Works Technical Specifications371 KB 28/11/2014 12:42
Crossover Guidelines Residential and Non-residential.pdfCrossover Guidelines Residential and Non-residential507 KB 30/08/2016 9:59
Technical Specifications for Residential Brick Paved Crossover.pdfTechnical Specifications for Residential Brick Paved Crossover301 KB 28/11/2014 12:42
Technical Specifications for Non-residential Crossovers.pdfTechnical Specifications for Non-residential Crossovers514 KB 28/11/2014 12:42
Technical Specifications for Residential Concrete Crossover.pdfTechnical Specifications for Residential Concrete Crossover236 KB 28/11/2014 12:42
Verge Treatment Guidelines.pdfVerge Treatment Guidelines2181 KB 11/06/2015 15:01
Verge Treatment Specifications.pdfVerge Treatment Specifications371 KB 7/09/2015 13:50
Verge Treatment Policy.pdfVerge Treatment Policy99 KB 29/08/2016 10:48
City of Stirling Traffic Management Procedures.pdfCity of Stirling Traffic Management Procedures1529 KB 21/07/2016 14:00
Application for Roadworks  Events.pdfApplication for Roadworks Events340 KB 21/07/2016 14:01
Basic TMP template.pdfBasic TMP template410 KB 21/07/2016 14:01
Frequently Asked Questions- Traffic Management.pdfFrequently Asked Questions- Traffic Management246 KB 21/07/2016 14:02
Verge Treatment Application Form.pdfVerge Treatment Application Form543 KB 29/06/2018 9:50
Excavation Permit.pdfExcavation Permit198 KB 21/10/2016 11:13
Crossover Policy.pdfCrossover Policy88 KB 24/04/2017 13:55
Verge Treatment Leaflet.pdfVerge Treatment Leaflet590 KB 21/07/2017 8:46
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Crossover Subsidy Application Form.pdfCrossover Subsidy Application Form76 KB 23/08/2017 9:02
Guide to VergeTreatment Policy.pdfGuide to VergeTreatment Policy163 KB 18/09/2017 9:34
Crossover Brochure.pdfCrossover Brochure104 KB 21/06/2018 9:41