Each season, the City of Stirling distributes it's Stirling Scene publication to all residents.

The Stirling Scene contains loads of information about what is happening in and around the City.


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Kids Corner

Congratulations to the Kids Corner winners in the Emoji Movie Colouring-In Competition that featured in the 2017 spring issue of Scene! 

Prize winners were Cynthia Suffell (9), Harry Devine (7), Archie Haagman (4), Max Hall (8), Lucas Maschler (8), Charlotte Mitchell (9) and Rudy Shortland (7).

In the Autumn edition we have a puzzle page competition tow in one of five family passes to the movies thanks to Grand Cinemas!  

Download and colour-in the competition page (link below) to be in the running to win.

Kids Corner Autumn 2018.pdf

Post your entries to:
Marketing Department
City of Stirling
25 Cedric Street
Stirling WA 6021

Entries close Friday 6 April 2018.