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The City of Stirling's biennial Photographic Awards celebrate the art of photography with an exhibition of intriguing images submitted by both amateur and professional photograhpers nationwide.

​​The standard of the 2016 exhibition was incredibly high, with ties for both the Stirling Resident Award and Best Photograph Award.  Visitors were hard pressed to choose their own favourite for the People's Choice Award, but ultimately chose Emily Carroll's enchanting Still.

​​​​​​Of the two overall winners the judges said​​ Robert Woodbury's Equuleus​ was 'fantastical and bizarre', while Susan Blatchford No Fixed Address was 'a moving, yet respectful portrait of a man going through difficult times.'​

Thank you to all the fantastic entrants and to everyone who made it down to check out this year's exhibition. Thanks also to the local businesses that made the awards such a success - Mia Flora Garden Centre​, ​​La Luna and Imagesource.

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