In 2016, the City of Stirling in conjunction with Village Well, prepared a Vision & Activation Strategy for the Main Street centre. In preparing the Strategy it was identified that the potential success of the centre is impeded by the poor urban design context in which the existing buildings have been developed.

The Main Street centre in Osborne Park is a cultural hub within the City consisting of a range of commercial premises, cafes, restaurants and community facilities. The poor urban design of the centre, with large setbacks to buildings dominated by parking in front, and the design of Main Street and cross streets enables traffic to speed through the centre with poor amenity for pedestrians.

Recently members of the community asked the Council to undertake and urban design study to identify how Main Street can be designed to become more people friendly. The Urban Design Study includes three rounds of consultation (Vision Workshop, Design Workshop, and Open Day). Further consultation occurs when the Council considers and advertises any changes to the City's Planning Scheme that may be required as a result of the plan developed with the community.

The community input from the survey and the Vision Workshop provided valuable information on ways to improve the Main Street precinct. A copy of the Vision Workshop community consultation report, including the workshop presentation, is available below.

As the second stage of the community consultation, a Design workshop was held on the 5 May 2018 to consider design options for the Main Street Centre and its surrounds that have been developed from the outcomes of the Vision Workshop. Design options were discussed at the workshop on four sections of Main Street comprising:

  1. North Beach Drive to Eldorado Street
  2. Eldorado Street to Royal Street
  3. Royal Street to Federal Street
  4. Federal Street to Cape Street

A copy of the Design Workshop community consultation report, including the workshop presentation, is available below.

Main St Project Area Map.jpg

1.     Vision Workshop - Saturday 9 December 2017 

The Vision Workshop provided a summary of planning to date and enabled discussion on the key issues and opportunities for the precinct.

The Vision Workshop presentation and consultation report is available below:

Community Consultation Report - Vision Workshop Main St

2.     Design Workshop - Saturday, 5 May 2018

The Design Workshop provided an opportunity to 'drill down' to specific details, and enable consideration of concept plans which will present options for parking and urban design requirements.

Community Consultation Report - Design Workshop

3.     Community Open Day - Saturday, 30 June 2018 

A community Open Day was held on Saturday, 30 June 2018 which enabled interested members of the community to walk around and view a series of plans at their leisure. No presentations were made at this Open Day, however, City of Stirling staff were available to answer questions about the plans.

Community Open Day Plans

Should you require any further information please contact the City Planning business unit on (08) 9205 8555.