The City of Stirling's Local Planning Strategy will guide the future of development within the City of Stirling.

The draft Local Planning Strategy seeks to guide the future development within the City, particularly the residential and commercial elements.

If not suitably planned, population growth and increased commercial opportunities could lead to detrimental impacts upon the City and its residents.   However, with the necessary future planning measures in place through the draft Local Planning Strategy, the City will ensure that it makes the most of this potential future growth.

The main themes arising from the draft Local Planning Strategy include:

  • Focusing on increasing densities around centres and activity corridors
  • Guiding design elements of multiple and grouped dwellings throughout the City
  • Reviewing residential capacity in areas where unsustainable growth can occur
  • Increasing housing diversity in suitable locations
  • Expansion of existing local commercial centres and investigating potential density increases and revitalising local centres
  • Protection of the natural and historic built environment
  • Improving sustainable transport options and reducing car dependency and
  • Providing for increased employment and commercial opportunities within the City.

The draft Local Planning Strategy is broadly based on the culmination of all the Local Area Plans, whilst using the principles of the reviewed Corporate Strategic plan and be within the restrictions of the existing adopted State and Cities planning related strategies.  The City's draft Local Planning Strategy is intended to provide the strategic basis for the current and future Local Planning Schemes, as well as guide and manage future development in the City.

The draft Local Planning Strategy is a statutory document and provides a link between State and regional strategic planning policies and local interests.  Once finalised, all land-use planning decisions within the City of Stirling will be made based on the Local Planning Strategy. 

The Draft Local Planning Strategy is open for public comment from 3 April 2018 until 1 June 2018.

For further information or to make a submission please go to: your say