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Online bookclub

Find out about online bookclubs offered with your City of Stirling Library membership.

Western Australian Public Libraries have started a new online book club. Available anytime and from anywhere, this is the book club that will fit into your schedule.

Three books are available concurrently for a period of nine weeks, updated five times throughout the year.

Sign up here to be part of the book club conversation. Once you sign up for the Book Club, there is a FAQ guide that can help you download and access books.

Choose one or more of the three titles from this quarter’s selections.

You can use the library catalogue to find a printed or digital copy or access a free ‘always available” ebook copy through Freading.

Alternatively, use the Freading app to download the current book club eBooks straight to your mobile device.

Freading Tutorial

Online BookClub

Have you ever wanted to join a book club but never had the time?

Join the Western Australian Public Libraries Online Book Club now.

Click here to join