Wonder of Waste - schools competition

Waste Champ

Enter our competition to help your school recycle more!

If you attend a school within the City of Stirling, enter our quiz for a chance to win money for your school to buy new waste and recycling solutions. 

The three primary schools with the most unique entries will win a prize.

  • First prize: $1000 for waste and recycling solutions
  • Second prize: $800 for waste and recycling solutions
  • Third prize: $400 for waste and recycling solutions.

We'd love to see schools get on board with worm farms, composting, recycling bins and more!.

Entries close on 31 October 2019 and winning schools will be notified. Make sure an adult checks the terms and conditions. 

After having a drink, which bin do you put the empty plastic bottle into?

Where do you put the top of the bottle?

The toilet paper has run out, so which bin do you put the toilet roll into?

After eating your morning cereal, empty cereal boxes should be put into which bin?

When you have emptied the cereal out of it’s bag, which bin does the soft plastic bag go in?

After eating a yummy banana or apple, which bin do you put the peel into?

When helping your parents sweep the driveway clean, small branches and leaves swept up go into which bin?

Where do you put cling-wrap or bubble wrap?